Cross Play Minecraft Servers: Play Guide

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Cross Play Minecraft Servers: Play Guide
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Cross play allows you to play with friends together on both Java & Bedrock edition. In this guide we'll answer whether Minecraft itself is cross-play compatible and how to get started.

Cross Play Minecraft Servers

Play on either Java or Bedrock Minecraft when you are on a cross-play Minecraft server. The benefit of cross-play is that you can play with hundreds of people across different devices.

Team up with a friend who's playing on their mobile phone, while you play with a high-end gaming PC. Explore the same worlds and complete the same challenges. The biggest bonus for mobile players is that you get all the same features that can be enjoyed on desktop. While some Bedrock servers may limit the features because of mobile, they are all available while on cross-play!

minecraft arena on pvp

What Minecraft Servers Are Cross Play?

Play one block, tnt tag, survival and creative on the OneBlock MC server. On Java edition, go to multiplayer and direct connect to the IP. Join on Bedrock edition to the same server with the address Share the address with your friends and then you can play on the same server together.

Invite friends to your island across devices, go to the Adventure islands together, or go head-to-head in a battle arena. Complete quests together and make your way through all the available games.

spaceship on minecraft cross play

Is Minecraft Cross Play Compatible?

By design, Minecraft is not cross-play compatible. This means that by default, you cannot share a singleplayer world between versions or invite a player to it. However, thanks to the hard work by teams such as Geyser, Minecraft servers are cross-play compatible. This opens up the multiplayer section of your game to cross-play. Play all different kinds of games here, many of which are not available on singleplayer either.

Java & Bedrock

Minecraft Java: The classic version of Minecraft available since 2011

Minecraft Bedrock: A newer, but seperate, type of Minecraft which works across more devices.

Both versions receive the same updates and have the same features. Learn more by reading Minecraft Bedrock vs Java compared.

Can You Play Cross Platform On All Servers?

Nope! A Minecraft servers has to take specific actions to function as a cross-play and will have a seperate server address to connect with. A bedrock server address will not work if you try to join on Java and visa versa.

pvp servers minecraft cross play

Cross Play Minecraft Servers List

  • OneBlock
  • SkyBlock
  • TNT Tag
  • Survival
  • Creative

Cross-play server IP: for Java and for Bedrock.

How Do You Join A Minecraft Crossplay Server

  1. Open the game on your desired Minecraft version
  2. Input the correct server address for that game
  3. Join it and share the correct server IP with your friends

Last Updated: February 19, 2022

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