Getting started on Minecraft skyblock servers

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Getting started on Minecraft skyblock servers

Starting out in the skies? Create a farm, secure your Minecraft island, go on an adventure and meet the awesome players. Read the guide now.

This high quality gamemode is full of some of the coolest custom features to unlock and play. But first, you need to get started. Here's some tips for when you are new to skyblock.

Cow Farm In Minecraft SkyBlock

Create a farm

In comparison to survival, your resources are much more limited on skyblock. There's no limitless exploring and hunting for animals to yield food from. A farm is one of the most important parts of the game and should be setup as soon as possible.

Take advantage of the money system on minecraft skyblock servers and sell the extra items. You can then get other materials such as diamonds and nephrite from the money and expand it other areas of the game.

Multiple Islands in Minecraft

Go on an adventure

Skyblock servers offer many different islands and places to go on your adventure. Lobbies may feature parkour and resource islands are often available to get extra items from. Follow the instructions on the server to locate these.

These are great ways to progress through the game when you are new and lacking in money! If you are struggling to get started, the friendly community in the chat is always happy to help as well.

Minecraft SkyBlock Server Tree

Secure your Minecraft island

Prevent monsters from spawning on your island by ensuring all the areas are lit up. This can be more challenging as you expand, so use torches or decoration blocks such as shroomlight to keep it bright at night.

How to prevent mobs spawning in skyblock?

Use half blocks such as slabs and mobs cannot spawn, even in daylight. This is a very popular method to keep your island secure without using lighting blocks. It can also create pleasing aesthetics when paired with your storage chests to create a sunken floor effect.

Generator in Minecraft SkyBlock

Set up item generators

Once you get established in the game with farms or money from adventuring, you can set up item generators on your island. Did you know that cobblestone generators can be expanded? You could make it much larger than the standard format and use redstone to automate parts of it. This is a great way to quickly farm items such as stone for either expansion or selling.

Get further on in the game and you may be able to purchase your first mob spawner on the minecraft server. The friendly spawners such as cows and pigs can provide a sustainable method for infinite food in the game. You can sell the food and then unlock a new spawner!

Minecraft Cow In SkyBlock

Meet the awesome players

One of the most fun areas of skyblock minecraft servers are all the players you get to meet and play with. Get tips and ideas on how to play through the game modes, or simply take advantage of the money system to trade with nearby players.

Visit other islands and see end game islands for your inspiration. There's hundreds to choose from! The best minecraft servers also let you co-op with other players, so you can get guidance or help with your island. Add it to your Minecraft server list today and start your adventure.

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