Galaxy: Chunkloaders Update

OneBlock MC
Galaxy: Chunkloaders Update

Boost your island's productivity on OneBlock Galaxy with the all-new Chunkloaders! Keep your spawners and farms loaded and running smoothly.

What do Chunkloaders do?

Chunkloaders keep your resources loaded within a 5x5 chunk radius. Normally, farms and spawners will stop running when the chunk is unloaded. These will prevent that!

How do I get Chunkloaders?

Purchase a chunkloader for $2.5m by running the "/chunkloaders" command. They come with 12 hours of pre-loaded time and extra time can be purchased for $50k per hour.

Chunkloaders - Galaxy
Chunkloaders - Galaxy

How many Chunkloaders can I have?

You can have a maximum of 2x chunkloaders per island. You cannot place multiple chunkloaders within the same area.

Development Update

As mentioned in last week's Fishing Update, we have recently added a new developer to the team. We apologise for the delay in the release of Chunkloaders and have made changes internally to ensure that we don't overpromise on updates in the future. Thank you for understanding!

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