Fishing Update

OneBlock MC
Fishing Update

Twenty new fish, four new custom enchantments, a fishing contest and more. Progress through OneBlock in new ways with the Fishing Update!

As the sun sets over the tranquil waters, something stirs beneath the surface. Whispers of a mysterious presence have been spreading like wildfire throughout the realms, and rumors of an Alien Piranha lurking in the depths have sent players to the waters in hope of a rare catch.

Twenty New Fish

Fishing on OneBlock MC
Fishing on OneBlock MC

There's twenty new fish available to be caught. Level up your mcMMO fishing to have a chance at catching them:

Uncommon Fish - Level 50 mcMMO Fishing:

  • Blobfish
  • Jellyfish
  • Sandfish
  • Rabbitfish
  • Goldfish

Rare Fish - Level 150 mcMMO Fishing:

  • Koi
  • Soulfish
  • Slugfish
  • Golden Cod
  • Clownfish

Epic Fish - Level 300 mcMMO Fishing:

  • Karate Fish
  • Royal Blue Tang
  • Royal Pufferfish
  • Skeleton Fish
  • Eel

Mythical Fish - Level 500 Fishing:

  • Great White Shark
  • Alien Piranha
  • Magi
  • OneBlock Fish
  • Robot Fish

See your current fishing level in-game with /fishing. Every time you catch a fish, there is a chance it will be a custom fish, depending on your fishing level!


Once you have caught a custom fish, they can be sold to the Fishmonger (/fishmonger).

  • Sell Your Catch: Sell all the custom fish in your inventory. Each tier of fish has a higher sell price!
  • Trade Your Fish: Trade your custom fish for various new prizes every day. There's all kinds of prizes including credits, new sprays & emotes, keys and more.

Fishing Contest

Take part in a realm-wide fishing contest every hour, lasting for 10 minutes! The top 3 players of each contest win:

  1. 150 Credits & 2x Top Tier Crate Keys
  2. 100 Credits & 1x Top Tier Crate Key
  3. 50 Credits & 2x Middle-Tier Crate Keys

You can fish anywhere on your realm to take part in the contest. The Boss Bar displays when a fishing contest is ongoing and they are announced before-hand in chat.

Four New Magic Enchantments

Unlock 4 new enchantments on all OneBlock server realms!


  • Levels: 1-3
  • Guarantees an increase in fishing McMMO levels each time you catch a fish, up to a maximum of 500 levels.

Enchanted Hook:

  • Levels 1-3
  • Gives a chance to fish up custom enchants when catching a fish. Does not combine with Credit Chaser.

Master Fisherman:

  • Levels 1-3
  • Increases chance to catch Custom Fish

Credit Chaser:

  • Levels 1-3
  • Gives a chance to fish up credits when catching a fish. Does not combine with Enchanted Hook.

Fishing Tags

Unlock four new custom tags as you level up your mcMMO Fishing:

  1. Fisher: Level 50
  2. Skipper: Level 150
  3. Harpooner: Level 300
  4. Seafarer: Level 500

This update is now live on all realms! If you encounter any bugs or glitches with the new update, please create a bug report on Discord.

Development Update

We have recently added a new full-time developer to the team and we are changing the way we undertake development. Look out for more frequent updates and regular Live Events (more info soon). While these events are running, we will be dedicating time to fixing bugs and issues across the network. We hope to bring to a close other outstanding features shortly as well! Thank you to everyone who continues to support OneBlock MC through our store, where you can get ranks, limited-time crate keys and more!

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