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mcMMO Level Guide

Level up your mcMMO skills with our levelling guide. Learn how abilities and skills work and how to progress quickly.

So you're playing on a Minecraft server with mcMMO and you want to learn how to level up skills and abilities quickly.

In this post we will explain what the mcMMO Skills & Abilities are as well as how to level them effectively.

mcMMO Skills

  1. Mining
  2. Woodcutting
  3. Herbalism
  4. Fishing
  5. Excavation
  6. Alchemy
  7. Repair
  8. Taming
  9. Acrobatics
  10. Archery
  11. Axes
  12. Swords
  13. Unarmed
mcMMO Mining
mcMMO Mining


One of the first skills you will come across is mining. When you break any block with a pickaxe it contributes to your mining skill.

Each block gives a different amount of XP. When you get enough XP, you will level up and unlock various abilities.

Super Breaker

Super Breaker is the first ability that you will unlock. As in the name, it will allow you to break a large amount of blocks for a short amount of time. It also gives you a chance to get triple item drops!

It can be activated by right-clicking and will usually have a cooldown of around 480 seconds. The duration of Super Breaker increases every 5 levels.

Blast Mining

Blast Mining allows you to use TNT to mine ore - without the risk of the ore being destroyed!

To activate blast mining and trigger the TNT you need to shift-right-click with your crosshair pointed at the TNT you placed. Then boom, an instant explosion.

It gives a chance at triple drops and will silk touch any ore it destroys. How thoughtful! Level up your blast mining to reduce the cobble that drops to almost nothing and increase the blast radius. You will also become more immune to explosions...

Double Drops

Double Drops give the chance for drops to double! You can maximise double drops by mining with silk touch and then mine them again with fortune.

mcMMO Woodcutting
mcMMO Woodcutting


Woodcutting is all about trees. Earn XP by harvesting logs.

Tree Feller

Tree Feller will break all blocks related to the tree. To activate it, right-click on any NON-LOG BLOCK while holding an axe.

You can also choose to strip a log instead by right-clicking on the log.

As you earn more XP you will be able to harvest larger trees. However, tree feller does give full XP for logs which it harvests for you.

Harvest Lumber

Get a chance at harvesting an additional log with Harvest Lumber. There is a 1% chance at level 1 and it will increase by 1% every level.

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mcMMO Herbalism
mcMMO Herbalism


Herbalism includes everything farming in Minecraft. Earn XP by harvesting crops.

Green Terra

Green Terra is activated by right-clicking with a hoe and then harvesting as normal. It provides TRIPLE DROPS and crops will be automatically replanted until the ability wears off.

Green Thumb

You can right-click on anything (not dirt) with a hoe and then click on either Stone Brick, Dirt or Cobblestone while having seeds in your inventory. This will use the seeds to convert the target blocks into Mossy Stone Bricks, Grass or Mossy Cobblestone! Slimey.

mcMMO Fishing
mcMMO Fishing


Fishing allows you to loot all kinds of treasure whilst fishing. Game modes such as minecraft prison servers have fishing areas where you can relax and catch all the salmon in the world. Level up and unlock all the perks available.

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter allows you to fish unique treasures. These includes all kinds of items ranging from Glowstone to TNT!


Get rid of items off of mobs of players with your fishing rod.

Master Angler

Master Angler improves your chance of getting a bite while fishing.

Fisherman's Diet

Increases the hunger restored from eating fish. Yum!

mcMMO Fishing
mcMMO Fishing


Excavation allows you to earn XP from digging with your shovel.

Giga Drill Breaker

Turn your Minecraft shovel into an industrial level tool with this ability. Giga Drill Breaker will speed up digging, however, it will increase wear on your shovel.


Archaeology gives you to chance to find all kinds of stuff while digging. From Mycelium to Glowstone Dust, there's all kinds of items waiting for you!

mcMMO Alchemy
mcMMO Alchemy


You're a wizard, Harry! Earn experience in Alchemy by brewing potions and developing them with extra ingredients.


Catalysis will speed up your potion brewing for when you need those extra potions for your next fight.

mcMMO Repair


Repair isn't as simple as the other skills! You can use an Iron Block to repair armor and tools. Yep, you read that right.

Arcane Forging

Repair items with a chance of keeping their enchantments. At level 10 there is a 75% chance of items being downgraded. At level 100, there is a 10% chance of items being downgraded.

Repair Mastery

Repair Mastery increases the amount that items are repaired by.

Super Repair

When repairing an item it has a chance of double effectiveness! WOW! There is a 40% chance at level 40 and will increase by 1% every level.

What does mcMMO stand for?
Minecraft massively multiplayer online


Reduce fall damage with the Acrobatics skill. As you take fall damage, you will become more experienced and increase the chance of reducing fall damage.


Roll provides the chance to negate fall damage based on your level. At level 25 there is a 25% chance to negate damage and 100% at level 100.


Dodge incoming damage by half! If you are receiving 10 damage, you will only take 5! However, you can't avoid death. Only cats can done that.

mcMMO Archery
mcMMO Archery


Archery is all about improving your bow shot! Earn XP by successfully hitting targets with your arrows. The further, the better!

Skill Shot

Increase damage to enemies with your bow and arrows.


Your enemy will feel nauseated and sick.


Reduce the risk of running out of arrows! Level up to increase the chance to recover arrows that you fire.

mcMMO Axes
mcMMO Axes


Did you know that axes are good for combat too? Take out mobs and inflict deadly damage.

Skull Splitter

Skull Splitter is activated by right-clicking with your axe. It will deal damage to nearby enemies whenever a target is hit. However, less damage is given to the primary target. Good for hoardes of zombies!

Axe Master

Axe Mastery increases the base damage dealt.

Critical Strikes

Double the amount of damage to mobs and increase the damage by 50% to players.

Armor Impact

Inflict bonus damage to the durability of armour! Perfect for those long fights, who's armour will last the longest?

Greater Impact

While attacking with an axe you will have a chance to knock your enemies with a powerful blow.

mcMMO Swords
mcMMO Swords


Earn XP by hitting mobs & players. Unlock a range of abilties increase extra damage and counter attacks.

Serrated Strikes

Right-click with your sword to activate serrated strikes. It will deal a bonus 25% damage and inflict a bleed effect. Ouch!

Counter Attack

Gain a chance to inflict a portion of the damage done to the player back onto the attacker.

mcMMO Unarmed
mcMMO Unarmed


Use your fists as a weapon, in Minecraft! Gain XP by fighting mobs and players with your hands.


Right-click (with no items equipped) to activate berserk. You can then break light blocks such as leaves and grass blocks with your bare hands!

It will also give you an extra 50% damage boost.


A lethal ability! Get a chance at disarming your opponent when fighting with your bare hand. However this only works with players.

Server Addons

mcMMO includes leaderboards and commands on your Minecraft server.

  • /mctop - See top mcMMO leaderboard
  • /mcrank - See your personal server rankings
  • /skill - View info about a specific skill

Each skill also has specific leaderboards! For example /mctop mining would show you the top miners on the server.

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Last updated: Nov 16, 2023

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