Farming Guide On Minecraft SkyBlock

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Farming Guide On Minecraft SkyBlock

In SkyBlock, you have access to limited resources, but by setting up farms, you're able to get a consistent supply of items and blocks to help you expand your world.

Efficient farms aren't the easiest to set up, so in this article, we've going to go over the best ways to set up a variety of different ones, including mob farms, crop farms, and iron farms.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Cobblestone Farm

A cobblestone farm is one of the first things you'll want to set up when you start your SkyBlock server world, as it's the best way to get an unlimited number of blocks to expand your island with. To get it set up, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Make a trench in the ground that is 1 block deep and 4 blocks in length.
  2. In the trench, remove the second block from the left to make a 2-block deep hole in that position.
  3. Place water in the position furthest to the left in the trench, and let it flow into the 2-block deep hole.
  4. Place lava in the position furthest to the right in the trench, and let it flow so that it touches the water.
  5. Mine the cobblestone that appears where the two fluids meet, and it should regenerate.

There you have it! With this simple setup, you’ll have plenty of cobblestone blocks to expand your island with in no time. Next up, let’s talk about mob farms.

OneBlock MC SkyBlock Server: Mob Farms
OneBlock MC SkyBlock Server: Mob Farms

Mob Farms

Hostile mobs drop a variety of great loot upon death, including string, bones, carrots, potatoes, and even iron ingots. Therefore, it's a good idea to set up a farm so you can acquire large quantities of these useful items easily. On OneBlock SkyBlock, you can also use minions to farm your mob farms. The potatoes and carrots are especially important as you’ll be able to set up a crop farm with them later on – more on that in a bit.

Setting Up A Hostile Mob Farm

To set up a hostile mob farm, the general idea is to create a large dark room for the mobs to spawn in, with a drop shaft at one end. Make sure to build the room high up so that when the mobs fall through the drop shaft, they’ll reach ground level. The bottom of the shaft should be in a place accessible to you, just make sure to only leave a 1-block tall opening to kill mobs and gather items, otherwise, they'll be able to attack you.

What we’ve written above is a vast oversimplification, so if you want to know what to do in detail, be sure to check out ilmango’s video below. Many typical mob farms use redstone mechanisms or water as part of their structures, but that’s not a luxury you can afford in SkyBlock, so this design is the next best thing:

Passive Mobs

Passive mobs like sheep, pigs, and cows will occasionally spawn on grass blocks when light levels are sufficiently high, so you can also try to take advantage of this mechanic in your SkyBlock world. If you build a bridge out from your main island and make a dirt platform at the end, grass will eventually grow, and if you're lucky, passive mobs may spawn there after some time. This process requires a bit of luck, but if things work out, you'll be able to set up a passive mob farm and get unlimited access to a bunch of useful resources like wool and meat. Good luck!

Crop Farms

Crop farms are relatively simple to set up, but let’s quickly talk about them anyway. To start up a crop farm, you’ll need the following:

  • Seeds for your desired plant
  • Dirt blocks
  • A hoe to till the dirt blocks with
  • A light level of 9 or higher

Having a water source near your farm is optional, although, without it, your farmland is prone to drying up. Crops will also grow more slowly, so we'd recommended having a source of water within 4 blocks of your farmland to keep the soil moist.

After tilling your dirt blocks and planting your seeds, you simply have to wait for the crops to grow. Bonemeal can be used to speed up this process, so if you have any spare, consider using it on your crops. The great thing about farming is that when you finally do harvest your crops, you acquire a bunch of new seeds that can be replanted to grow even more crops. Therefore, if you play your cards right and remember to replant your crops, you’ll never run out of food!

Crop Farm on SkyBlock Servers
Crop Farm on SkyBlock Servers

Iron Farms

Lastly, let’s talk about iron farms, which are incredibly valuable farms to have given the usefulness of iron. Iron is a rare drop from a standard hostile mob farm, so by setting up a dedicated iron farm, you’ll have a more consistent supply of the metal to use for your various needs.

Iron farms use villagers to summon iron golems, so the first step is to acquire villagers. The way you do this is by curing zombie villagers using a splash potion of weakness and a golden apple. It’s a very difficult and tedious process, but very rewarding if you can pull it off.

The overworld method involves crafting a golden apple using gold from smelted gold armour dropped by mobs and then getting a witch to throw a splash potion of weakness at the zombie villager. It's tough and will prove to be a challenge, but it's certainly doable. If you’re fortunate enough to have access to the Nether in your SkyBlock world, you can make your own potions and acquire gold more easily.

Once you have villagers, you’ll be able to set up an iron farm. Rays Works made a great video on YouTube detailing the process of setting up the farm, so be sure to check that out here:

Final Words

Well, that’s it! Thank you for checking out our guide on SkyBlock farming. We hope you’ve learned something useful and feel prepared enough to start up a SkyBlock world and progress through it efficiently. Best of luck!

SkyBlock Beetroot Farm
SkyBlock Beetroot Farm

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