How To Unlock Custom Enchantments On Minecraft Servers

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How To Unlock Custom Enchantments On Minecraft Servers

Custom enchantments bring new experiences to Minecraft, making your journey easier and more fun. Get perks such as Take Off, which allows flying when worn on your boots. Read the guide, see how to unlock them and start playing oneblock now.

Minecraft Experience

Custom enchantments are purchased on most games such as Minecraft skyblock servers with experience. Experience was created in Minecraft primarily to unlock enchantments with an enchanting table.

With smart developers and cool new advancements, it can now be used in multiplayer to purchase custom enchantments.

library on minecraft servers

What is the best way to get experience in Minecraft?

XP farms are arguably the best way, as the name suggests. Experience is earned when you slay monsters, and if you make a farm out of it, it can be harvested very quickly.

You can also earn it from mining, breeding farm mobs, fishing, trading and completing advancements in some settings. When playing on Minecraft servers such as oneblock, there may also be other methods such as in-game money and from prizes.

alchemist on oneblock skyblock

Does experience do anything in Minecraft?

Yes. The main purpose is to buy enchantments, which can enhance your tools and armor. These can then be used to improve your survival experience. For example, silk touch allows you to use a pickaxe to mine diamonds and receive the ore rather than the metal itself.

What is the best XP Farm?

This depends on which Minecraft server or realm that you are playing on. Many of the economy servers feature spawners which you can buy and sell. You can then sell the mob drops which you can earn for money to expand your game.

Custom Enchantments

The common custom enchantments are rather simple and often onwards from what can be achieved with vanilla enchantments. However, legendary and heroic enchantments are a new level entirely. Here they are:

Legendary OneBlock Enchantments

  • Chunky: Chance to receive half damage
  • Gears: Gives the speed potion effect
  • Take Off: Allows flying when worn on boots
  • Overload: Permanent increase in hearts
  • Soulbound: Chance to keep item on death
  • Rebound: Gain health after a player kill
  • Kill Aura: Allows you to kill mobs in a stack
  • Shockwave: Chance to push back your attacker
  • Scare: Chance to replace your opponents helmet with a pumpkin
  • Disarmor: Chance of removing an enemies armor piece
  • Grind: Gives more experience from killing mobs
  • Lifesteal: A chance to regain health when attacking
  • Berserk: A chance of giving strength when attacking
  • Arrow Deflect: Chance to deflect attack arrows
  • Restore: Upon breaking, item has a chance to lose this enchantment and repair half its durability
  • Magnet: Pull players towards you when you attack them
  • Ward: A chance to absorb enemy damage and heal you
overpowered tools and items on oneblock

Heroic OneBlock Enchantments

  • Nulify: Chance of doing 2x damage
  • Atomic Detonate: Break blocks in a 7x7x7 area
  • Soul Hardened: Decreases durability damage done to armor pieces
  • Unbreakable: Makes tools unbreakable
  • Spark: Chance of lighting opponents on fire
  • Lethal Sniper: Chance of doing 2.5x damage when hitting a headshot
  • Phoenix: Chance to revive you and respawn with 3 hearts + 2 absorption hearts

Can you make custom enchantments on Minecraft servers?

Custom enchantments are obtained by running the /enchanter command. They can be purchased in exchange for EXP. Upon purchase, you receive a random book from your selected tier. They can be applied to tools and items. There are also items to tinker books and interact with the server alchemist.

Game Modes

These enchantments can be unlocked when playing on the OneBlock MC Minecraft servers. They are available on the majority of the game modes, including:

  • OneBlock Hardcore
  • OneBlock Atlantis
  • OneBlock Forest
  • OneBlock Space
  • OneBlock Cookie
  • OneBlock Adventure
  • OneBlock Classic

Try out these games in Minecraft and see which enchantments you can unlock today. Join the server IP and start playing now!

Last Updated: Apr 9, 2022

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