The 7 Most Useful Mobs in Minecraft

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The 7 Most Useful Mobs in Minecraft

Minecraft is full of mobs, with brand new ones being added with every update and filling the game with all sorts of new features. However, with such an abundance of different mobs, the question must be asked – which ones are the best?

In terms of looks, the answer is subjective, but in terms of usefulness, well, there’s definitely a more concrete answer there. In this article, we’re going to go over exactly which mobs we think are the most useful in OneBlock and why, so be sure to stick around, as some of these answers may surprise you!

We've left cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep off this list because let's face it, everyone knows what they are and there's no doubt about them being useful. Instead, we've gone with the more interesting ones that might not always come to mind straight away. Let's begin.

Minecraft Servers With Cats
Minecraft Servers With Cats

7) Cats

Though you may think that the cats in Minecraft are nothing more than adorable pets, they actually have their uses! Along with ocelots, cats are the only entities that creepers run away from, so having one close by may very well save you from being blown up.

The reason cats made it onto the list rather than ocelots is because cats also scare away those pesky phantoms that spawn when you haven’t slept for more than three days. Hooray for cats!

6) Dolphins

Dolphins are often overlooked in Minecraft, despite being incredibly useful when it comes to crossing and exploring oceans. If you’re not sure what these creatures do exactly, let us explain.

The main reason dolphins are so great is because they grant the Dolphin’s Grace buff to players that swim close enough to them. This buff boosts your underwater swimming speed, making you move faster than if you were using a boat. Additionally, if you feed a dolphin raw salmon or cod, it’ll swim around and direct you to the nearest underwater chest filled with treasure. How awesome is that? Why not setup a dolphin pool on one of the Minecraft servers with creative?

5) Striders

Striders are relatively new mobs added in the 1.16 update and are native to the Nether, walking around freely on lava lakes. They're the only passive mobs in the Nether, meaning you can approach them safely without fear of being attacked. They can also be saddled and ridden, hence why they're on our list of Minecraft's most useful mobs.

Much like how a pig can be controlled by a carrot on a stick, striders can be controlled using a fungus on a stick, making them incredibly useful for crossing lava lakes safely. If you’re planning on visiting the Nether in your survival world, be sure to bring a saddle along with you in case you happen to come across a strider. It’ll make travelling through the Nether a whole lot easier.

Minecraft Servers - OneBlock - Evokers
Minecraft Servers - OneBlock - Evokers

4) Evokers

You may be thinking, why have we put a hostile mob on this list? Well, we have a good reason.

Although these mobs are extremely strong and dangerous, they also drop incredibly rare totems of undying, making them very useful mobs if you can kill them. Totems of undying have the ability to save you from death, and can only be obtained by killing evokers, so if you want to get your hands on one of these lucrative items, you best be prepared for a fight.

3) Piglins

Piglins can be dangerous, but if you're wearing at least one piece of gold armour around them, they won't attack and can be bartered with. This bartering mechanic is one of the more exciting things to come to Minecraft in recent years and is exactly why piglins have made the list. Let’s go over how bartering works.

Bartering involves giving a gold ingot to a piglin and getting a random item back in exchange. This item can be something basic like gravel, or it can be something rare like an ender pearl or potion of fire resistance. There's a lot of good stuff you can get from bartering if you're lucky, so be sure to try it out for yourself sometime!

2) Horses, donkeys, and mules

We’ve grouped these three mobs together because they’re very much the same. All of these mobs are rideable and have the potential to have the same maximum stats, but the difference is that horses can have armour equipped while donkeys and mules can't. Instead, the latter two can have chests equipped. Try setting up a racing track on Minecraft creative servers.

Whether you value storage space more or armour for protection is up to you, but if there’s one thing for certain, it’s that these mobs are some of the most useful in the game. Travelling around the overworld is so much faster and easier thanks to these mobs and riding them is just a whole lot of fun in general! These mobs are central to the Minecraft experience, and that’s why they’re sitting so high up on our list.

1) Villagers

Taking the top spot are the villagers and for very good reason. With so many different types of villagers in Minecraft, you can acquire virtually any item in the game through trading with them, and all it takes is some emeralds.

From all kinds of decorative blocks to ender pearls and diamond armour, villagers provide alternate ways to acquire some of the rarer items in the game, making them incredibly useful. Without them, progressing far in hardcore survival game modes like SkyBlock and OneBlock wouldn’t be possible, so we’re glad they exist.

Additionally, villagers can be used to set up iron golem farms, giving you a virtually unlimited source of iron and saving you from having to search caves for the stuff.

That’s it!

Well there you have it, that concludes our list of the most useful mobs in Minecraft. Some honourable mentions include wolves, bees, and of course the adorable axolotls. They're all great, but unfortunately didn't make it into our top seven.

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