5 things to do on Minecraft servers with Creative

OneBlock MC
5 things to do on Minecraft servers with Creative

Minecraft creative servers have been around for almost as long as the Survival mode itself. From skyscrapers to skyblock bases, there's all kinds of things to do on creative.

From editing the world to making new friends; Minecraft creative servers are a fun way to experience the sandbox game with all the blocks at your disposal. What will you create?

1) Learn How To WorldEdit

On OneBlock MC you can get access to edit the world by voting for the server. To begin, run /vote in-game. Vote for 30 minutes of access to the following WorldEdit commands:

  • //set
  • //wand
  • //pos1
  • //pos2
  • //replace

These commands are extremely powerful and not be used without caution! Transform your plot by speeding up a wide variety of tasks.

How do you fill blocks in WorldEdit?

  • Run //wand and select and left-click the bottom corner of the wall
  • Fly up to the top right of the wall
  • Right-click on the top corner of the wall
  • Run //set to fill in the wall

TIP: must match up with a Minecraft block ID. For Stone Bricks, this would be stone_bricks! Try using tab-complete to choose the block you would like to use.

2) Host A Skin Contest

One of the most common contests on a Minecraft plots server are skin contests. As Minecraft Java allows you to create or use any skin you choose, there are plenty of customisation options.

Whether you take inspiration from the new Batman movie or a historical figure, there are lots to choose from. Setup statues, display areas and more to show off your favorite new skin and take part in contests using the Minecraft economy.

minecraft plots house building server.jpg

3) Design Your Next OneBlock Island

Another thing that's great between the creative & oneblock servers is that they are both usually running on the same Minecraft version. This means you can use all the same blocks and items to design your next base.

Quickly lay it out using your creative plot and designate areas that you are going to use on your island. You can also design and test farm layouts using creative mode. Ensure that redstone designs are laid out correctly and that items can head to the right place without any disruptions. This is especially prevelant when dealing with cactus farms, as items that touch a cactus at any point are spiked and lost!

4) Create Minecraft Pixel Art

One of the most popular types of buildings to create in creative mode is pixel art! Using the ability to fly and use all the blocks to form a palette creates the perfect setting for it. Whether you want to recreate the logo of your favorite film or maybe your favorite Disney character, this is all possible on creative Minecraft servers.

Minecraft Among Us Tutorial

You can follow tutorials or take advantage of being able to follow simple grid designs to create pixel art. Share your creations with other players by inviting them to your plot or sharing screenshots on our Discord server! Chat with 10,000 other players.

5) Explore the Creative Server Plots

Finally, one of the best aspects of playing on a multiplayer server is that you can see what other players have created. The server is laid out in one huge world, with thousands of plots and buildings for you to explore. Take inspiration from other players or enjoy what they have created. There's plenty of mazes, fairs, castles and more for you to explore.

multiplayer creative plots group

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