SkyBlock Randomizer Guide

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SkyBlock Randomizer Guide

Every time you break the Minecraft block, a new one appears. Read the skyblock randomizer guide, common FAQs and how to play now.

Expand your skyblock island and create a large utopia for you and your friends. See answers to common questions and play the game now.

How To Get SkyBlock Randomizer?

SkyBlock randomizer multiplayer is the easiest to play the game. There are no downloads or risk or viruses and you can start playing in under 30 seconds from within Minecraft. Open your Minecraft client and input the following details:

  • Server Name: Randomizer
  • Server Address:

Choose one of the oneblock skyblock realms to start playing on. Get oneblock which, when broken, regenerates as a completely random block. Work your way through the island phases to get all the items available in Minecraft. Play with hundreds of other online players and complete quests and adventures.

SkyBlock Randomizer With Friends

Can You Make A SkyBlock Randomiser?

The best way to make a skyblock randomizer is to either download a data pack or map, or join a multiplayer server. The former will put you in a solo world and involves updating your Minecraft folder which can come with various risks.

If you join a multiplayer server, your world is stored and backed up by the third-party server and is updated automatically to newer versions. You cannot make this game mode in the vanilla version of Minecraft, unless you enable command blocks and attempt it that way.

Minecraft SkyBlock Island House

Why Is It Called SkyBlock Randomizer?

The name can confuse players with the skyblock game, however, they are very similar games. Unlike Minecraft survival which comes with the 1.18 world to explore; skyblock randomizer places you in the sky void.

This is the same premise as skyblock, where you get an island in the sky which you can expand into a huge world. With the randomizer game mode, you break your block to get new ones. Expand your base just like skyblock and create a huge universe. This is where the skyblock name comes from!

SkyBlock Nether Update Minecraft

Can You Play SkyBlock Randomizer On Bedrock?

Yes! The simplest way to is to join a third-party server. Data packs and mods are arguably harder to install on bedrock and there are no downloads required when on a server. Add an external server from within the menu screen with the following details:

  • Server Name: Randomizer
  • Server Address:
  • Server Port: 19132

Play on the Windows 10 and mobile versions of Minecraft with other players on the java version. Meet hundreds of other like-minded players on the various skyblock randomizer realms that are available to play on.

SkyBlock Mob Spawner

SkyBlock Randomizer Not Working?

If your random item generator is not working, ensure you have installed the data pack or map on the correct version. With data IDs changing between versions, such as Minecraft 1.13 when number IDs were removed, it may not work correctly. You could join a multiplayer oneblock server to play the same gamemode without any installations or download.

Vines and Items in Minecraft

Where To Play SkyBlock Randomizer?

If you want to team up with friends and join a multiplayer world, join one of the Minecraft servers with oneblock. There are multiple realms available with the random item generator as the main part of the game. Complete quests in either solo or co-op and work on improving your island while earning money. Can you unlock the best items in the game?

Minecraft Random Item Every 30 Seconds

You may have seen the popular YouTube series where the creator gets a random item every 30 seconds. This is a similar game mode to the skyblock randomizer; except you get a random block when you break it. If you wanted to role-play the same gamemode, you could create a redstone timer to help you break it every 30 seconds.

The Minecraft games are also similar in the respect that they are both based on skyblock. The players uses the blocks they are given to expand their base and create an entire world.

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