Getting Started on our SkyBlock Server

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Getting Started on our SkyBlock Server

Welcome to our Minecraft SkyBlock server! Depending on the realm you are playing, the gameplay meta will be slightly different. For example, SkyBlock Paradise does not have any spawners, but has minions. For the purposes of this guide we will be giving general SkyBlock tips.

Cobblestone Generator

SkyBlock Cobblestone Generator
SkyBlock Cobblestone Generator

On SkyBlock Paradise, every island comes included with a cobblestone generator. But it is not like any ordinary SkyBlock generator! It provides dozens of new blocks such as terracotta, ancient debris, coloured concrete and much more.

Your island generator is essential to your SkyBlock server journey. Once you have some starting resources you can begin to branch out to other parts of the game.

Minecraft Server Shop

Minecraft Item Shop
Minecraft Item Shop

Once you have some starting resources, check out the item shop! Run /shop while playing to get started. There is a Buy Shop and a Sell Shop, each doing what they say in their names! The buy shop refreshes with new items every day and the sell shop refreshes every 3 days.

A great way to start would be to sell items from your Cobblestone Generator to the shop. From there, you can use the money earned to get some new items from the buy shop.

SkyBlock Auction House
SkyBlock Auction House

Player auctions are also available via the virtual auction house. List items for sale or get some new items for your SkyBlock journey. Always be on the lookout for good deals! The server auction house is filled with dozens of new items every day.

mcMMO Skills

Our SkyBlock server also includes mcMMO skills! Upgrade various skills such as mining, fishing and swords by putting them to practice. Unlock special abilities including double drops by levelling up your skills.

mcMMO is a great way to make the most of your SkyBlock server experience and unlock lots of fun new perks.

SkyBlock /mctop Minecraft Command
SkyBlock /mctop Minecraft Command

mcMMO commands include:

/mctop - See the top leaderboard

/mcrank - See where you stand

/<skill> - See how you are doing with a specific skill

Read our mcMMO level guide to see more about all the mcMMO skills: Mining, Woodcutting, Herbalism, Fishing, Excavation, Alchemy, Repair, Taming, Acrobatics, Archery, Axes, Sword & unarmed.

How do you get on a SkyBlock server?

Use the IP and play with the latest Minecraft version.

Custom Enchantments

Some of our SkyBlock servers, including Paradise, offer custom enchantments. On SkyBlock, custom enchantments are simply added on to all current enchants. This means no new commands or items! Over 150+ new enchants are available directly from your enchanting table. When you enchant a new item, run /info <EnchantName> to see detailed information about an enchant.

Each enchant has different levels and power, just like vanilla enchantments. Unlock very useful enchantments such as AutoSmelt which can take your SkyBlock journey to the next level.

SkyBlock Danger Zone

SkyBlock Danger Zone PvP
SkyBlock Danger Zone PvP

Once your SkyBlock island is established, why not get ready to check out the Danger Zone? Only on OneBlock MC, earn quick cash by battling our Wildlife Bosses. From the Zebra to the Tiger, there is plenty of bosses waiting for you enter...

The Danger Zone also includes various generators which you can mine for resources. You can take these resources back to your server island too! Generator resources are heavily orientated around ores, so if you're need minerals this is a great way.

Keep inventory is enabled in the danger zone, so you won't lose your items. Once the danger zone is out of beta, there will be a money penalty of 5% if you die in the arena. Be careful and don't forget to gear up before heading into the arena.

Start playing our SkyBlock server now!

Minecraft SkyBlock IP:

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