September QoL Update

OneBlock MC
September QoL Update

This quality-of-life update brings improvements to the Enchanted Lagoon, Fishmonger, and long-requested changes such as a new tags system!

Enchanted Lagoon

  • New Fairy Dragon & Phoenix animals!
  • New Rewards including Phoenix Sword, Phoenix Wings, Capybara Wings, Capybara Hat, Plushies, Tags, Credits, etc.
  • Added Shiny Fairy Seed animal
  • Improved spawn rates & spawning logic
  • Fixed outstanding texture issues on all realms
  • Lagoon balls are now much easier to obtain

Pass progress has been reset! Start the new challenges now!

Fairy Dragon
Fairy Dragon

Note: Players with a premium pass will keep it for this new series of challenges!


  • Added more trade options in /fishmonger
  • Added new fishing rods: Uranium, Ender, Frosted
  • New Tags added to rotating trades
  • Added Lure 5 rods to trade on OneBlock, Lure 4 on Survival
  • Added Vouchers to tags purchased from Fish Monger trades
  • Gave Admin's lost rod fishing rod a new texture
  • Changed Admin's lost rod to Lure 5 (OneBlock) Lure 4 (Survival)

Pandora: PvP Changes

Based on community feedback, we have made the following balancing changes to PvP only:

  • Added Potion Shop
  • Added Overload, Implants enchantments
  • Removed Nullify enchantment - create a ticket if you would like it exchanged
  • Ender Pearl cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Totem cooldown: 2 minutes
  • Golden apple cooldown: 5 seconds
  • Disabled tipped arrows, shields & off-hand in PvP
  • Added loot protection: Only the killer can pickup loot for the first 10 seconds

Misc Changes

  • [Global] Added Minecraft 1.20.2 Support
  • [Global] Created new Tags system with searching & favorites
  • [Global] Added /info command - shows player's balance, mcMMO, marriage status, credits. Works on offline players too!
  • [Global] Created new emotes/emojis systems so it is easier for us to add new ones
  • [Global] Items cannot be dropped within 10s of an entity clear to prevent item loss
  • [Global] Added /fishencyclopedia command - shows all custom fish & your stats
  • [Global] Added Fishing Contest Starters -- already obtainable in the Lagoon Pass
  • [Global] Changed some chat colors to help them stand out in chat (messaging, party, etc.)
  • [Global] Added /chatprompts command - shows all the chat prompts such as [i]
  • [Global] Added /value command to realms with the rotating shop -- shows the value of the item in your hand
  • [Global] Added RGB chat colors support
  • [Global] Added RGB rename scrolls support
  • [Global] Added drop confirmation to fishing rods
  • [Global] Added serialization support to vouchers, for bragging rights on future prizes!
  • [Global] Added ability to use emojis in /shout
  • [Global] Added ability to use rename scrolls on shears
  • [Global] /msgtoggle command - toggle who can message you
  • [OneBlock] Added Generators menu with information on all the blocks
  • [OneBlock] Added ability to purchase multiple spawner keys (live 09/28)
  • [Survival] Added /team spawnkick command -- kicks non-members to spawn if they are bugging you in your claim!
  • [Survival] Fixed claiming in resource world
  • [Galaxy] Nerfed Titan Boss speed
  • [Pandora] Fixed not receiving Diamond Kit from Supply Drops

What would you like to see in the next QoL update? Let us know on Discord.

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