OneBlock Realm Updates - June 2023

OneBlock MC
OneBlock Realm Updates - June 2023

New OneBlock Realm, New Gamemode, Updates & End of the World Events for Space, Cookie, Classic & Atlantis.

New OneBlock Realm

We are working on a new OneBlock realm.. Pandora! This realm will be on Minecraft 1.19 and be catered to those who don't want some of the more overpowered features such as Chunkloaders. It will also feature other changes such as old-style combat, changes to mcMMO & more! We will be retiring the following realms on release: Space, Atlantis, Cookie & Classic.

Each of these realms have been around for several years and Classic was the first realm we released on OneBlock MC! It has been out for over three years! Not only are they all long overdue a reset, but it is easier for our development team to maintain and provide updates on newer versions. Cosmetics & permissions you owned on these realms will be moved to Pandora upon release.

New Gamemode

Alongside the new realm, we are also working on a new gamemode! The aim here is to expand our catalog with more games and appeal to new audiences; while also providing a new experience for our current community. More details will be provided closer to the release!

Other Updates

Another piece of feedback we have received from recent updates is that improvements to existing systems would be preferred over new content. We have taken this feedback on board and plan to revamp mechanics such as the Shady Merchant over the next few months with a full-fledged Black Market.

End of the World Events

Join us to celebrate each realm on:

  • 8 July 2PM EST / 7PM UK - Space
  • 8 July 1PM EST / 6PM UK - Atlantis
  • 8 July 12PM EST / 5PM UK - Cookie
  • 9 July 2PM EST / 7PM UK - Classic


The following contests are live now for each realm:

  • Island Contest - Enter on our Discord server in the #island-contest channel
  • mcMMO Top*
  • Baltop*
  • Island Top*

The winners will receive exclusive prizes on Pandora! *These will be calculated after the realms close. The top 3 players from each will receive a prize.

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