Tool Crate & QoL Update

OneBlock MC
Tool Crate & QoL Update

This week, we're excited to bring you several quality-of-life enhancements, along with a brand-new tool crate!

Tool Crate

Stand out from everyone else with the new Tool Crate! Unlock four new tool sets, each with visually stunning and unique skins!

Cyber & Rainbow Pickaxes
Cyber & Rainbow Pickaxes
Knight & Glacier Pickaxes
Knight & Glacier Pickaxes
  • Cyber
  • Rainbow
  • Knight
  • Glacier

Purchase now on Galaxy, Abyss & Survival through our store!

Quality-Of-Life Changes

  • /sit: Hanging out with your friends? You can now lounge together on slabs & staircases!
  • /shout: Got something to shout about? Hosting an event or a party? Premium members can now shout across the network (once per 24 hours)
  • /emoji: View all the chat emotes available in-game as well as how to use them
  • /coords: See your current coordinates with this handy new command. Great for survival players!
  • /nextclear: See when the next entity clear will happen!
  • /togglefishcontest: Toggle the fishing contest messages & boss bar if you do not want to take part!
  • Survival / Resource World: We have added a Resource World which you can use to collect resources without destroying the overworld. Please do all your mining and resource gathering here where possible. It will reset every 3 months!
  • Resource Pack: We have added a Resource Pack to the network. We will be able to add all kinds of new blocks, tools, items and cosmetics in future updates. Make sure you have enabled the Resource Pack in the server list!
  • Fishing Contest:
    • The contest will now run for 30 minutes every 2 hours, to allow those who start later a better chance to catch up!
    • We have added more info to the summary at the end of the contest
  • We have added [i] & [inv] support to mcMMO party chat
  • For realms with custom enchantments, we have made the following improvements:
    • Doubled size of rename scroll character limit
    • Rename scrolls can now be used on shields
    • The Unbreakable enchant can now be added to fishing rods, tridents and bows
  • A whole range of new Emotes have been added and will become available in-game
  • [Galaxy] Added a ChunkLoader setting in /ob settings
  • [Galaxy] Banned players will no longer show on /ob top
  • [Abyss] Safari Nets are now available from the /c shop
  • [Survival] Allowed teammates to place Welcome signs
  • [Survival] Reduced the number of players needed to sleep by 25%

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