OneBlock Pandora

OneBlock MC
OneBlock Pandora

Join us on Saturday, July 15 for the launch of OneBlock Pandora!

Server Overview

Here are a quick look at the server details:

  • Minecraft 1.19 Version
  • Minecraft 1.8 Combat
  • New Generators & Island Phase
  • Rotating Shop Economy
  • Missions
  • New Armor & Tool Sets
  • Furniture & Decor
  • Pinata Parties
  • Minions
  • New Chest Shops System
  • mcMMO: Fishing Only

Minecraft Version

The server will be running on Minecraft 1.19, meaning you can get all the blocks from The Wild Update! Complete the new Sculk Cavern island phase and obtain all the new blocks from an updated range of Generators.

It will also feature the old-style Minecraft combat from the 1.8 & below versions! Plus, all mcmmo (par fishing) has been removed! These follow suggestions to introduce an update with this form of PvP.

Credit Shop Update - Furniture & Armor Sets!

Make your OneBlock island better with 100+ furniture and decor options! Hang out with friends in your living room, build a restaurant, or add cherry blossom furniture to your base!


Pandora kicks off with four fresh sets of armor and tools available for purchase in the Credit Shop. Create new types of god sets with these additions!

Armor Sets
Armor Sets


Complete all kinds of challenges to finish missions and get prizes! Every day there are 3 new missions to complete. Level up your Mission Prestige to unlock extra perks and rewards!


Pinata Parties

If you've been playing OneBlock for a while, you might recall the chaos during our Pinata Parties. Good news - they're back for Pandora! When enough votes come in, a Pinata appears, ready to be broken for fun prizes!

Other Changes

  • There will be an Overworld with phases. EDIT: The Nether will not be enabled at launch due to stability problems with the underlying system. It may become available at a later date.
  • The shop will always have a farm, mine, axe and mob item - no matter what is in rotation!
  • We have added a 15 minute AFK kicker. If you leave for 15 minutes or more, you will be sent to the hub. This is not a punishment, you can rejoin when you are back!
  • The Chest Shop system has been recreated from scratch to make it simpler to use and easier for us to maintain.
  • mcMMO Fishing skills & abilities will be present on Pandora, but other mcMMO skills are disabled.
  • Various texture updates to areas such as the quick [F] menu.
  • Daily Bonus replaced with Daily Crate.
  • Quest Crate replaced by Mission Crate.
  • New cosmetics: particle effects, arrow effects, balloons.
  • New economy prices with 1.19 items available!
  • Other misc changes
Pandora Spawn
Pandora Spawn

EOTW Events

Thank you to everyone that came to the Space, Atlantis & Cookie end-of-the-world events!


OneBlock Classic - Spawn Screenshot
OneBlock Classic - Spawn Screenshot


  1. Ez4Kami - $5,815,196
  2. Neon_Sphiinx - $2,982,182,563
  3. Leothediamond - $2,878,595,805

McMMO Top:

  1. Neon_Sphiinx - 36,370
  2. Ez4Kami - 33,266
  3. CHILL_Creeper - 20,808

Island Contest Winner: abbbyyyyy


OneBlock Space - Spawn Screenshot
OneBlock Space - Spawn Screenshot

Island Top:

  1. LussebulleLovi, AvgPythonEnjoyer, WappieWizard, MikeOcaine,Fruxo
  2. godrxspect, *god_rxspect
  3. MerryInfidel , Hyxnotic


  1. oAbz - $2,072,722,649
  2. iiiAsheziii - $1,410,027,648
  3. MissPhantomHD - $1,315,722,202

McMMO Top:

  1. Bright_Anarchy - 9,509
  2. Okole_Splicer - 9,142
  3. *ScoringGamer1 - 7,953

Island Contest Winner: OblitusWolf


OneBlock Atlantis - Spawn Screenshot
OneBlock Atlantis - Spawn Screenshot

Island Top:

  1. Sxghts & Kitten
  2. JackONeill7
  3. Mae_m & TotallyNotAnton


  1. JackONeill7 - $12,006,747,568
  2. Labatts3 - $3,221,802,973
  3. IamDunn - $3,057,529,359

McMMO Top:

  1. JackONeill7 - 17,675
  2. VectorRobot - 14,202
  3. IronAngel11 - 11,206

Island Contest Winner: pootchickentendi

OneBlock Cookie - Spawn Screenshot
OneBlock Cookie - Spawn Screenshot

Island Top:

  1. Mrs_Slow
  2. wakakaONION
  3. Jinxiebee, *m00nst0ne1324, imNotaPumpkin, Marsbarscars, Packz


  1. Mrs_Slow - $3,581,801,960
  2. wakakaONION - $2,510,767,562
  3. Slqthyx - $1,307,422,844

McMMO Top:

  1. wakakaONION - 10,128
  2. crazypanda296 - 9,124
  3. Slqthyx - 6,812

Island Contest Winner: Lines3

The winners will all receive a top crate upon the release as well as a special tag for certain placements. Winners - please create a ticket on Discord! The judging for the island contest is ongoing and will be announced next week.

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