Minecraft OneBlock House Ideas [2022]

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Minecraft OneBlock House Ideas [2022]
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Your Minecraft oneblock island can be much more than chests and farms! Here are some ideas for houses that you can create on this ever popular Minecraft game mode!

minecraft treehouse oneblock island

1) Treehouse

Treehouses have been placed up in the sky inside Survival worlds for many years. There could be a fun opportunity to make your own Treehouse out of your oneblock. Jungle saplings can be obtained and grown to build a (small) canopy, which you can then make a treehouse out of! Traditionally, treehouses do work best in a jungle setting. That doesn't mean that you can't create your own trees using different types of wood and go for a different look.

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2) Modern City

The one block world makes for the perfect setting to build a city inside of. The huge world height allows for tall buildings and the large radius is great for creating streets of towers. The modern blocks from the new updates like glazed terracotta can make for colorful designs. The buildings do not have to be just for the aesthetics, either! Cover up monster farms by encasing them inside a skyscraper. There is plenty to get creative with!

city on minecraft oneblock server

How can you make a OneBlock house in Minecraft?

When you start playing one block skyblock, the entire world is made out of just oneblock. As you mine it and gather new resources, you can expand it and lay out the basics of your new world. Using bridges you can form new paths and expand the land of your island. Once you have created a big enough platform for your new house, you are ready to start building.

3) Igloo

If you are newer to Minecraft builds, but want still want something cool, an igloo could be a great option. They are fairly easy to build, many of which just use snow! It is a resource which can be farmed from your one block. Once you decide on the size of your igloo, you just need to ensure that you build it with the correct dimensions. You don't want to end up with a wonky igloo! There is also the possibility to create multiple igloos for different purposes across your island.

treehoue on minecraft oneblock island

4) Medieval Village

One of the most popular building styles in Minecraft and for good reason! Medieval builds are some of the best fitting builds for this game. As you will likely want to have a farm on your island, there is the opportunity to create a small village. With popular elements such as magic enchantments, you are sure to have use for a library / blacksmith crossover building too!

Tips to make your OneBlock island look good

There are lots of methods and tactics to make your OneBlock island stand out from all the rest. Here are some ways to improve the look:

  • Conceal the water elements of farms with slabs
  • Hide exposed chests using a storage system
  • Take advantage of the huge 250 block height by using multiple levels
  • Seperate areas of your island which have different functions. For example, don't mix the farm area with the lounge of your house!
  • If you are going to use monster spawners, place them away from your base to avoid the noise that comes with them

5) Contemporary Villa

One block is a "modern" Minecraft game compared to others, so why not make your island modern too? With no terrain to contend with, you could create a contemporary villa in any shape or size without needing to worry about nearby land. Maybe you want to have a large pool in the garden, perfect to invite other players to visit?

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