OneBlock Galaxy: Overview & Features

OneBlock MC
OneBlock Galaxy: Overview & Features

Packz discusses the new OneBlock realm and we check out player feedback. Have you played the popular new game yet?

A ping on the Discord (which you can join by clicking here) shocked many the other day when it was announced that another new realm would be released. Players and many alike were starstruck by yet again another major improvement that was brought to the server.

In this post, I’ll be discussing the new realm and getting some player thoughts! I’ll also discuss what the future may hold for OneBlock as more amazing updates come out!

Another New Realm…What’s Really The Difference?

With every update, our Developer’s and Admins do such a great job improving the playing experience. This realm sees new features, such as new planets, chunk loaders, and a fresh take on the economy! While it takes features such as the Omni-Tool (which can be purchased on our online store), phases from the core OneBlock experience, and other things, it really differs with the custom plugins and bosses that were added!

What Are the New Features Exactly?

One of the major features, as mentioned before, are the new planets that have been added! Currently there are 4 planets, each of them having better loot then the past. These include the Beginner, Adventure, Forest, and as described by one of our lovely Administrators Kittenxoxo, the “ghoulish, spooky” Crimson planet.

These planets have ores that can be mined for easy money. The higher level planet, the more moola you make! The best part about it is the 0 effort it takes. All you have to do is mine the block and the money goes directly into your balance! Pictured below is what the Beginner Planet looks like. Here is where adventure begins!

oneblock minecraft mining planet

Another super neat feature added to OneBlock Galaxy are the inclusions of 7 custom bosses! With these, you’re able to fight them with a mass amount of players and fight for who gets the awards! An interesting feature to note, the more damage a player causes to the boss, the better rewards they get!

After speaking with some players, one player stated “As someone who doesn't like traditional pvp, I really enjoy them. It's low-risk, but still lets me have fun and interact/compete with other players!” With the realm just coming out, the limits of what can be improved with them is astronomical. This is making players, and especially myself, excited for the future updates to come!

I Love Making Money! What’s the Economy Like?

An early look at the economy in the realm shows a bright future! With the additions of Prestige Levels that increase selling multipliers, Sell Chests, a great addition of Chunk Hoppers! Being able to connect any chunk hopper with any sell chest is going to be NUTS for people who love building large farms.

Chunk hoppers are also able to work with normal chests. Furthermore, with the new planets, being able to make money has never been easier! Any player at any level has a fair chance of becoming number one on the balance top 10 list! Pictured below is a screenshot of a large farm in progress by a player!

cactus farm minecraft

So What, Big Whoop. What Are People Actually Saying About the New Realm?

I went around and asked some of our lovely playerbase and some of our amazing staff members about the new oneblock 1.18 game! Here’s what a couple of players had to say!

  • sovck, a versatile player who plays on all realms, says “It’s like the Abyss realm, but cooler! The bosses are cool and fun! “
  • Venomkv25, a Bedrock player, says “I really enjoy it! I enjoy the bosses, systems, and planets! It really makes me hyped for the new servers you guys come up with. I AM SO HYPED”
  • SloofyPoofy, a player who takes the grinding approach has this to say “I think it's unique and a good combo of Forest and Adventure.  Def a W tbh. I also like the amount of grinding you have to do, which I like.”
  • One of our lovely Moderators, Avery, says that “I really like the planets on galaxy, I find it a great place to just relax and have fun talking in chat with other people because it's not something that takes a lot of focus and it's just very relaxing.”
  • Jinxiebee, a well known Senior Moderator who enjoys a good challenge says “I really like how all of my friends and I are able to play on a new realm. It’s always fun being able to start from scratch and grind your way to the top. Not as good as Cookie, but I guess I’m a little biased lol”

As you can see, our players have been really enjoying the new realm! No matter the playing style, Galaxy seems to be a fan favorite!

oneblock spawn galaxy

Ending Notes and a New Section?

With the release of Galaxy, it is getting players hyped for the new updates coming soon! I personally can’t wait to see what else will be done with new realms and what is to come for the old realms! Let us know what you would want to see on our Discord or in game!

In addition, every blog post will include an OBMC Swag Fact (fun facts about the server) and the Packz Joke of the Day!  If you see me playing on Galaxy or any realm, tell me a good joke or let me know a fun fact you know for a chance to be included in the post and receive some swag items from myself!

OBMC Swag Fact #1 - The “Classic” realm started WAY back in May of 2020

Packz Joke Of The Day - What do you call a fish with a bowtie? So-fish-ticated!

Have a swag day,

-Ray (Packz)

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