Mailbox Update & Bug Fixes

OneBlock MC
Mailbox Update & Bug Fixes

Interact with other players in the community far easier with the new Mailbox. Gift items, send money or messages to players, even when they are not online!

We have upgraded our Mail system to allow you to gift items, money and messages to your friends when they may not be online! This all takes place in a friendly menu and replaces the command-line mail system from before.

Mailbox Menu

How It Works

  • Run /mailbox to open your Mailbox. In there, you will see all the Mail you have received as well as the option to send mail.
  • Click an item to claim it when it is available!
  • If you would like to send mail, choose the "Send Mail" option from the Mailbox menu. Choose which type of mail you would like to send and follow the helpful chat prompts to choose the player and then send.
  • Non-ranked players have 10 Mailbox slots (both incoming & outgoing) and this extends to 20 slots for Redstone+ members!
  • Mail will be delivered instantly for Redstone+ members, or it will take 1 hour for non-ranked players.
  • If you send mail but it is not claimed, you can reclaim it after 14 days. There are options to block players if you do not want to receive Mail from them.


So far this month, we have made the following changes:


  • Changed Fishing Contest to 15m every 2h based on community feedback
  • Added a Resource Pack to allow us to add new types of items, such as the Reaper Tools in the Zombies event!
  • Added new Royal Rank
  • Added new Tool Crate
  • Added 6 new chat emotes
  • Fixed #Camouflaged tag not being awarded from envoys
  • Fixed Minecart With Spawner disguise not being awarded from disguise crates
  • Corrected an issue where players could unintentionally ignore staff members
  • Leaderboards at spawn should now properly update
  • The sunflower pet will now work with melons and pumpkins
  • Fixed issue where players could remarry immediately after getting divorced
  • The Among Us pet will now tell you if you received any bonus credits
  • Fixed old servers showing up on /helpop
  • Added /unignore
  • Disallow item auctions when an mcMMO ability is active
  • Fixed gradient names of redeem notes


  • Pet energy will now be removed if you hold the item on your cursor
  • Fixed issue where using an infinite water bucket with your offhand would break it
  • Fixed issue where picking up fish would break an infinite water bucket
  • Fixed issue where minions would not display the ‘Z’ in player names
  • Fixed issue where taxi signs were disappearing
  • Fixed ability to set an existing taxi sign as target of a new one
  • Fixed custom enchants on bows bypassing island pvp settings
  • [Galaxy] Fixed new tags not being awarded from planet drops
  • [Galaxy] Fixed Chamption Kit Bow not being given from Boss Crate
  • [Galaxy] Fixed issue that gave a Forest Gen instead of Cave Gen from vote crate
  • [Galaxy] Fixed Shining tag giving the wrong tag
  • [Galaxy] Updated /buy, /store
  • [Galaxy] Added Iron Monster pet to /pets menu
  • [Galaxy/Abyss] Changed Quartz Gen prize to Terracotta Gen in vote crates
  • [Galaxy/Abyss] Fixed dragon pet sell booster
  • [Abyss] Fixed a crate prize in Void Crate being displayed incorrectly
  • [Abyss] Fixed Shining tag giving the wrong tag
  • [Abyss] Fixed visitor protection
  • [Abyss] Added minions tip, /help menu info and /minion info GUI
  • [Atlantis] Fixed buying minion keys charging less than intended


  • Deployed updated Chat Filter
  • Fixed Dab Kill Effect not being awarded properly from Shulker Crate
  • Updated Event Crate to give Cosmetic Rewards from new system
  • Lowered amount of players needed to skip night by 25%
  • Added a resource world
  • Fixed Shining tag giving the wrong tag
  • Fixed Daily Bonus Day 9 showing wrong prize when won
  • Fixed Envoys giving the wrong amount of gold blocks
  • Corrected the message when winning Exp Bottles from Koth crates to be accurate
  • Fixed team chat interfering with shop creation
  • Milk buckets now clear effects as expected
  • /rtp will now teleport you to negative coords as well


  • New Hub released with improved UI

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