Inside our Weekend Events: From Bongo to Find The Sign

OneBlock MC
Inside our Weekend Events: From Bongo to Find The Sign

From Speed Digging to Bongo, we uncover how you can nab cool loot and the ultimate bragging rights. Learn about the weekend events on OneBlock MC.

Are you looking for a dose of excitement, friendly competition, and a chance to win some swag prizes? Look no further than the incredible world of OneBlock MC's weekend events! With a wide range of thrilling activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Get ready to dive into the heart-pounding fun that awaits you every weekend on the server!

Weekend Adventures Like Never Before

The OneBlock MC community knows how to turn an ordinary weekend into an extraordinary experience. Each event is carefully crafted to provide players with a unique and exhilarating challenge. From intense battles to mind-bending puzzles, the weekend events are designed to keep you engaged, entertained, and eager for more.

A Glimpse into the Events

OneBlock MC offers a diverse selection of events, ensuring that every player can find something they love. Let's dig into the meat and potatoes and take a closer look at some of my personal favorite events that await you:

Speed Digging:

How to Play? - You’re taken to a special spot and given special tools. Event staff transport you to the digging area.

Goal - When the event starts, you’re lowered to a block-filled tube. Use the right tool to mine different blocks. Quick digging wins!

My Thoughts - This one is personally my favorite. It’s such a simple concept, but every time I play it I end up failing miserably! Switching up the tools super duper fast messes me up. It’s always impressive seeing how fast people can dig and change tools. Overall, the events team NAILED this simple game and made it fun and enjoyable.

Staff Hunt:

How to Play? - Events team hides, and you look for them on the map.

Goal - Find and eliminate the hidden staff members to win!

My Thoughts - I have played this game on both ends. I’ve been a player looking for staff and I’ve been the one hunted. Both are outrageously fun! I always felt like I was the goat when I found a staff member in a stupid hard spot. This takes the concept of Hide-And-Seek and elevates it a smidge. Staff Hunt is one of those games that takes the strategy of looking in certain spots, the pvp aspect of killing the staff member, and sometimes pure luck finding people. All around, this game is awesome.

Bongo minigame on OneBlock MC
Bongo minigame on OneBlock MC


How to Play? - You’re in your room with a block board. Blocks are announced, and you use levers for matching blocks.

Goal - Be the first to make the right block pattern in game modes like Bingo.

My Thoughts - If you have made it this far, you’ll probably notice these games are simple However, they are executed sufficiently. BONGO is a play on the famous game Bingo. Some may say it’s just a game that it played in nursing homes… but not on OneBlock. The competition that’s displayed in chat is something I’ve never seen come from a Bingo game. Everyone wants to win, everyone is always itching for the next block to be called, and the suspense that comes between every block called twists and turns my stomach. Bongo is one of those games that any player can easily understand without any instruction. To everyone that plays I wish you the best of luck! To any player that is playing AGAINST me, I hope you have a bad board.

Find The Sign:

How to Play? - Signs are hidden around. First to click a sign is announced. No pop-up means it’s already clicked.

Goal - Find signs, get prizes. It’s a race to click first!

My Thoughts - Though Find The Sign isn’t technically it’s own game, I figured I’d touch on it. I’m every event, there is a hidden sign that if clicked grants you prizes. What makes it fun is that it can be hidden anywhere. The spawn, the actual mini game, and even the hub area you spawn into when you first join /events. It’s always a rush finding the sign. Some people solely join the events realm JUST to find the hidden sign before anyone else. I like that it always adds a little twist and an extra boost of competitiveness in the events.

OneBlock Parkour
OneBlock Parkour

Experience the Thrills Every Weekend

What's even more exciting is that these captivating events take place every weekend! You won't have to wait long for your next dose of adventure and competition. Whether you're a casual player looking for some weekend fun or a dedicated gamer seeking thrilling challenges, OneBlock MC's events cater to players of all levels. Sit back, grab a glass of cold water, put your feet up, and come join the events!

Win Prizes and Forge Memories

Participating in these events isn't just about the thrill of competition; it's also a chance to win fantastic prizes! The sense of accomplishment from conquering challenges is only matched by the excitement of claiming your hard-earned rewards. From in-game items to exclusive perks, the prizes add an extra layer of motivation to each event. I always enjoy winning the tags. Not only are they cool, but it also flexes that you won an event.

Events Lobby on OneBlock MC
Events Lobby on OneBlock MC

Join the Fun!

I asked Ories, Jr Admin and Events Coordinator, to give me a quote about the events. He eloquently puts it, "We can't wait for what events and memories we'll make for our next seasons of Events! Thank you all for a great year of events!” With this warm sentiment, the invitation to join the OneBlock MC community becomes even more enticing.

In Conclusion

OneBlock MC's weekend events are a thrilling journey into a world of competition, camaraderie, and excitement. Take a break from one block skyblock and join in! From the heart-pounding battles of Staff Hunt to competitive BONGO, each event offers a unique experience that players of all ages can enjoy. With the promise of prizes, the spirit of competition, and the joy of teamwork, OneBlockMC's events are the perfect way to spend your weekends. So gear up, team up, and dive into the action – your next adventure awaits!

Stay Swag,


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