Enchanted Lagoon

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Enchanted Lagoon

The Enchanted Lagoon introduces a new world with 12x unique animals waiting to be caught. Learn more about the update and start playing now!

Throw Lagoon Balls at the animals to capture them and complete challenges. Work your way through the pass and unlock the animals as pets!


  1. Dragonfly (Regular & Shiny)
  2. Butterfly (Regular & Shiny)
  3. Otter (Regular & Shiny)
  4. Capybara (Regular & Shiny)
  5. Fairy Seed (Regular & Shiny)
  6. Jellyfish (Regular & Shiny)
  7. Octopus (Regular & Shiny)
  8. Fox (Regular & Shiny)
  9. Shark (Regular & Shiny)
  10. Whale (Regular & Shiny)
  11. Witch Cat (Shiny)
  12. Utahraptor (Unlocked by completing the Encyclopedia)

Here is an example of how they look in-game:







Lagoon Pass

The Enchanted Lagoon is based around your Lagoon Pass. Work your way through 25 different challenges, capturing select animals in order to progress. Unlock new balls, pet vouchers and more as you work your way through.

The Premium Lagoon Pass is available from the store and provides additional rewards as you complete the challenges. Unlock extra pet vouchers as well as exclusive tags!

Shiny Animal
Shiny Animal

Shiny Animals

Shiny Animals are variants of the traditional animals which you will find in the lagoon. One will spawn in the lagoon every 4 hours, and the first player to catch it with an Enchanted Ball will keep it as a pet!


The Encyclopedia allows you to view and preview all the animals available inside the lagoon. If you complete it, you will receive the exclusive Utahraptor pet as a bonus!

Feedback & Ideas

We plan to expand on the Enchanted Lagoon with new animals and challenges if it is liked by the community. Join our Discord to give your feedback. This update originally came from a suggestion for a Live Event!

Run /warp and head to the Enchanted Lagoon to get started!

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