Deep Dive: April QoL Update

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Deep Dive: April QoL Update

Whether you're a builder, miner, or fishing enthusiast, this update is sure to make your Minecraft experience even better.

Hello there and welcome back friends! A long awaited blog post is being served hot and fresh for you today. With the summer season coming up, be prepared to see up to 3 posts a week, a bunch of community engagement, free items for answering my questions in chat, and of course the words from yours truly, Packz. OneBlock has some awesome new updates to share with you!

Market Stall in Minecraft OneBlock MC
Market Stall in Minecraft OneBlock MC

Let's start digging into the meat and potatoes with the Survival/Resource World. We all love exploring and gathering resources in the overworld, but it can be tough when you're worried about damaging your creations.

That's why we've added a Resource World where you can mine and collect resources without harming the overworld. And to keep things fresh and exciting, the Resource World will reset every three months. So get digging, crafting, and building to your heart's content!

And that's not all, we've also added a Resource Pack to the network. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for new blocks, tools, items, and cosmetics in future updates. So make sure you have enabled the Resource Pack in the multiplayer oneblock server list to experience all the new additions. Who knows, maybe you'll discover your new favorite block or tool!

Tower in OneBlock Minecraft
Tower in OneBlock Minecraft

Now, let's talk about fishing. We all know that fishing can be a relaxing pastime in Minecraft, but it can also be competitive. That's why we've updated the Fishing Contest to run for 15 minutes every 2 hours, giving everyone a fair chance to participate and compete.

And to make things even better, we've added more information to the contest summary at the end, so you can see how you stacked up against the competition. Be careful though, when the winds of the seas blow and the salty waves go into my mouth, expect some fierce competition from yours truly…

For those of you who use mcMMO party chat, we have some great news. We've added [i] and [inv] support to make communication even easier. So go ahead and chat away with your fellow players, whether you're discussing your latest builds or bragging about your fishing skills.

Castle in Minecraft 1.19
Castle in Minecraft 1.19

And speaking of fishing, again,  let's talk about custom enchantments. We've made some awesome improvements for those playing on realms with custom enchantments. We've doubled the size of the rename scroll character limit, so you can get even more creative with naming your items. And if you're looking to give your fishing rod, trident, or bow some extra durability, the Unbreakable enchant can now be added. Plus, you can now use rename scrolls on shields too.

Finally, we've added a whole range of new emotes to the game, which are sure to add some extra fun to your Minecraft experience. So whether you're excited, confused, or just plain silly, there's an emote for every occasion.

I went around and asked some folks their thoughts on the new update! Most of them had to say they enjoy the QOL updates and have really enjoyed this one so far! Jr Admin Mcknzb said to me she loved the fishing contest and enjoys being able to get cool prizes from it. Collectively, the people love fishing!

So there you have it, folks, some awesome new updates to make your Minecraft experience even better. We hope you're as excited about these new additions as we are. So go ahead and explore the Resource World, compete in the Fishing Contest, chat away with your fellow players, and show off your new custom enchantments. And don't forget to try out those new emotes too!

Stay Swag

~ Packz/Ray

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