Creative Server Out Now

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Creative Server Out Now

Calling all builders! Time to get creating on our new Creative Realm. Take part in Building Contests for exclusive prizes, head to the Gold World, or practice new builds.

Head into the Creative Realm from the lobby and use the Creative Book in your hotbar to begin.

🌳 Creative Plots

Head into Creative Mode and start building your dreams. Get your own large plot which you can transform into anything you like! From cities to skin contests, the possibilties are (almost) endless!

Plot limits:

  • Default Rank - 1 Plot
  • Redstone Rank - 2 Plots
  • Gold Rank - 3 Plots
  • Diamond Rank - 5 Plots
  • Netherite Rank - 8 Plots

Plot world commands:

  • Shortcuts: use the book in your inventory
  • /team PlayerName - Manage teaming on Creative
  • /plot auto - Get a new plot
  • /plot home - Head to your plot home
  • /plot visit PlayerName - Visit a player
  • /plot claim - Claim a plot
  • /plot setowner PlayerName - Transfer your plot to another player
  • /plot add PlayerName - Add a player to your plot
  • /plot trust PlayerName - Trust a player on your plot
  • /plot remove PlayerName - Remove a player from your plot
  • /plot deny PlayerName - Deny a player from your plot
  • /plot kick PlayerName - Kick a player from your plot

🏅 Gold World

Exclusive for Gold+ ranked members, head into the Gold World and start your Creative adventure in normal Minecraft terrain. Claim land using Claim Blocks.

To claim land, get a golden shovel from your creative inventory and right-click in opposite corners to create a land claim.

Gold world commands:

  • /kit gold - 1,000 Daily Claim Blocks (Gold Rank)
  • /kit diamond - 1,000 Daily Claim Blocks (Diamond Rank)
  • /kit netherite - 1,000 Daily Claim Blocks (Netherite Rank)
  • /trust - Trust a player on your land plot
  • /abandonclaim - Abandon your land claim
Minecraft Hall of Fame
Minecraft Hall of Fame

🏆 Building Contests

Take part in regular building contests and be in with a chance of being placed in the Hall of Fame! Win prizes such as the 1-of-1 Magenta BlockCar which can be used in-game.

The first Building Contest is as follows:

  • Lighthouse Building Contest
  • Place in the Hall of Fame
  • $250 Gift Card
  • Magenta BlockCar to use In-Game on Creative
  • Ends 8th July
Magenta BlockCar
Magenta BlockCar

Creative is running on Minecraft 1.16 and will be updated to 1.17 once it is suitable. WorldEdit will be added once the first build contest comes to an end. Let us know your thoughts on Discord!

What is the server IP for Creative?

The server IP is

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