One Block SkyBlock: 8 builds to create on our multiplayer map

OneBlock MC
One Block SkyBlock: 8 builds to create on our multiplayer map

From boats to palaces, here's 8 builds you can create on the OneBlock MC multiplayer map. Plus, tips and info on how to start playing.

You only get oneblock in our multiplayer map, but it can be turned into a large canvas with just about any builds you can imagine. Team up with other players on our multiplayer server and see 10 builds you could create the next time you play in Minecraft.


With all the chiseled and quartz blocks in the game, they make the perfect building palette for your own palace. Incorporate it into the oneblock server game with rooms for your spawners, a shop hall to trade with other players, or even just a simple place to chill on your throne.

High Street

With a huge 100x100 area to work with, this gives you plenty of space to create your own high street on oneblock. Take advantage of the chest shop mod to setup shops which other players can visit and trade with you. Why not team up with other players and each create your own shop? With the high world height of 256 blocks, there's plenty of opportunities for different types of shops.

How to download one block skyblock?

The map can be downloaded from a variety of websites, however, there is a risk of getting a virus. The alternative is to play on a multiplayer server such as OneBlock MC, where there are no downloads and your progress is auto saved by the server. This also gives you the added bonus of being able to play on multiple devices without losing your progress. OneBlock MC also adds lots of new features to the game, such as enchantments, regular updates and multiplayer events. You also get to meet thousands of other likeminded people. See how to play the one block skyblock server now.

Skyscraper Minecraft Building 2021

Sky Scraper

The huge world height in Minecraft creates the perfect opportunity to create any sky scraper of your choosing. Recreate some of the iconic architecture from around the world or even design your own. Or, you could even adapt your favourite skyscraper and add your own twist to it!

How do you play 1 Block Survival in Minecraft?

Open your minecraft and add OneBlock MC. Open Minecraft and head to the multiplayer menu. Add server with the name OneBlock MC and server address We are the #1 oneblock server and have been around since the game mode got started.

Beach Build OneBlock Server 2021


While you can't use circles in Minecraft for beach balls, you could still create your own beach. With all the new blocks in the game on OneBlock, including red sand, there's all types of beaches you could make. Set up beach huts with places to hangout with other players, or just create a nice scene to share with others.

Minecraft Beach Building

A Wonder

It isn't often you see any of the seven wonders of the world recreated in Minecraft; so why not turn your oneblock island into one of the wonders? Share it with your friends, or team up and each create one! This could make for a fun challenge between you and your friends. You could even set a wager using the multiplayer economy.

OneBlock Minecraft Multiplayer Server

Trade with other players team up on your oneblock skyblock island. Battle in the PvP arena and compete to get the best enchantments. The server IP is

Theme Park

From ferris wheels to playground courses, there's plenty of opportunities for theme parks in the multiplayer game. Set up jumping courses and trading areas with all your best goods. Meet up with other players in the game and create the buzz of a theme park.

OneBlock Skyblock Scraper Build 2021

How do you play the skyblock randomizer gamemode in Minecraft?

OneBlock MC features the one block skyblock gamemode, where you start in the sky with just 1 block. Every time you break the block, a new block appears. It could be anything from wood to ores; it is random. See how to play oneblock now.

Ice Rink Racing

Boats can be used to race around on ice in the game. We recommend that you make sure the ice is at least 10 blocks wide to make it easiest to race on with boats. Setup twists & turns to make it fun for everyone. Popular types of ice rinks have also taken inspiration from Mario Kart, with tunnels and underground sections. Shame there aren't bananas in the game; yet...!

OneBlock Skyblock Server Palace Building

What is the one block server address?

It is Enter it in the multiplayer menu of your Minecraft: Java Edition game. Playing on Bedrock edition? Enter with port 19132.


Blocks such as quartz and the new blackstone blocks from the 1.16 update are all available on OneBlock MC. These are great options for creating boats in the game and recreating their sharp shapes. Why not design your own yacht and invite other players to come and hang out? Setup a player warp by placing a sign with [WELCOME] on the top. This lets other players come and visit by running the command "/visit YourName". Advertise it in the multiplayer chat.

Minecraft Boat Build

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