OneBlock 2022 Recap

OneBlock MC
OneBlock 2022 Recap

The game has gone through many updates and changes this year. From new realms and events to the upcoming updates planned for OneBlock. In our celebratory post, we’ll rewind the track on what happened during 2022!

new oneblock minecraft games

New Realms

As players rushed onto the server after their announcements, Abyss and Galaxy instantly became fan favorites across the board. From their shiny new 1.18 mechanics that previously weren’t a thing to the new and innovative ways that players made money.

Never in the server’s history does the phrase “cactus farm” show up so much. Abyss started the hype on September 17, 2022. As previously stated, the new 1.18 mechanics were something new to OneBlock SkyBlock players. This allowed for fresh gameplay and a new fun experience for those who joined.

Since then, we’ve seen amazing progress from everyone who has joined. Pictured below was one of the first looks we all saw of the new realm. From there, the server would release better updates and a more ambitious realm..

oneblock mc mining planet

To Galaxy.. And Beyond!

Players this year were, yet again, shocked about a second new realm with new mechanics this year. As players joined the new Galaxy realm, the new mechanics of Planets, Chunk-Hoppers, and Sell-Chests, and with the addition of the 1.18 mechanics described before, everyone knew this realm would be one of Oneblock’s best yet.

Players across the board loved this new realm! With the queues flooding with mass numbers to the capped-out player list every day, players knew this realm would be a challenge. Though this realm is quite new and still being tweaked to make it better, we here at Oneblock could not be more proud and astonished by what you players have been creating!

While I hope to speak for everyone here, we are excited to see the future of this new realm! This is only the beginning to the mass improvements the server will go through in 2023. Below is a snapshot of one of the many planets on the new Galaxy realm.

oneblock forest goodbye

Realm Goodbyes

Paradise, Forest, and Adventure were all realms that were very much respected. We all had the pleasure of meeting new players, building epic builds, and creating memories for a lifetime. With an epic send-off for all of these realms, it only made room for what greatness would occur in the future. Pictured below are the last moments captured on Forest and Adventure. You’re able to see some more screenshots and memories on our Discord in the #memories channel.

oneblock game events


We all love attending the Events that take place every weekend on our server. A new addition here was the new “Bongo” game! This game is a spin on Bingo! Players enjoyed this game right away and were asking for us to host it more. Though this game mode was fun, the Events team has an exciting amount of new mini-games in store for 2023 and future seasons of our events.

Our Senior Mod +, Events Team Leader Ories states “We can't wait for what events and memories we'll make for our next seasons of Events! Thank you all for a great year of events!” Pictured below is what our new event looks like for those who haven’t seen it!

Quick Final Regards, a Respectable Goodbye and an Eager Hello!

2022 was a great year for everyone here on OneBlock MC! We are excited to see what the server brings in 2023 and can't wait to see everyone enjoy new updates, new events, and new experiences!

We thank you for such a great year and want to give our warmest hugs for 2023! The network would not be what it is without you! Enjoy the new year, the warm smiles from everyone here in our community!

From us to you, happy new years!

From Packz to you, stay safe, stay swag, and have a terrific year!
Have a swag day

- Packz

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