OneBlock Abyss: Tips To Get Started

OneBlock MC
OneBlock Abyss: Tips To Get Started

In this guide, we’ll go over some tips and tricks to getting started and show you around the newest realm available on OneBlock MC!

From the original glory days of Classic to the depths of the nether in Survival. We were all starstruck and surprised to see the new realm Abyss appear on the list of servers.

What is “Abyss” and How is it Different?

As stated previously, Abyss is the new realm on one block skyblock. It has distinct qualities to it such as having new and improved 1.18+ items. This adds a whole new dimension to the economy, building, and other significant factors that typical OneBlock realms have and improves upon them.

Additionally, Abyss introduces a new “Omni Tool”! A new, custom tool that automatically transforms into the most useful tool for whatever you are harvesting! With enchants such as Unbreaking 10, Silk Touch, and Efficiency 5, it makes grinding your oneblock easy and efficient!

Abyss is a new fun and fresh gameplay with aspects of all realms for everyone to enjoy, no matter what playing style you use!

players in oneblock 2022

How Do I Start Playing This New Realm?

The only thing that you need is a launcher with version 1.18 or higher! No mods, no texture packs, and no complicated folders that you have to watch a YouTube video to know what you’re doing!

Simply open Minecraft, go to “Multiplayer”, Direct Connect, and type From there, navigate to the “Abyss” OneBlock 1.19 realm or any other of our realms you would like to play!

How Do I Become the Most Powerful and Rich Player on the New Realm?!

We had our Moderator Packz ask some fellow players and staff members the best way to get started. Here are some major points that they had to say.

Start off your island with a group of friends.

Our players said that the gameplay was more fun with people and was easier to gain items and money.

A very popular and easy farm to make money that many players stated they used were Pumpkin, Melon, and Cactus farms! These are easy to set up and can be upgraded substantially to improve profits! Check out some pictures below of a basic farm to a complex farm!

minecart in oneblock

Your oneblock is your best friend. Ensure you have a solid tool that has great enchants on it to maximize the blocks you get. Your island is only as good as your oneblock

A great tool for beginning players and end-game players would be the quests! With the /quests command we have, you are able to get quest keys for completing simple tasks! Ranging from items to cash, quest keys are a great resource for those who want to improve swiftly!

Take advantage of our 【☆】FREE【☆】Iron rank! This rank includes a free kit of iron tools, food, and other items weekly, an [Iron] prefix in-game, and many other advantages. To not use it would simply be silly!

gothic minecraft build

Ending Notes

With our loving community, our great staff members, and quality gameplay, rest assured you will have an amazing time here on the server! No matter if you join the new Abyss realm or join an older realm you’ll be greeted with a smiling face and a positive community. With new updates coming soon, for each realm, we will release a tips and tricks about it so you can succeed the very best wherever you play

Have a swag day,


Credit: Packz

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