Minecraft SkyBlock: How To Play The Map

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Minecraft SkyBlock: How To Play The Map

Minecraft SkyBlock puts a whole new twist on the way players experience Minecraft. Start your journey on a small, floating island in the sky with limited resources and see if you can survive and expand your island, eventually building a vast fortress!

SkyBlock has been around for almost ten years now and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down any time soon! Players around the world are taken in by the idea of this fun and interesting new challenge, which really puts all your Minecraft skills and knowledge to the test.

In fact ‘challenge’ might be an understatement. A wrong move at the beginning of your SkyBlock game could prove disastrous – sometimes the only way to fix it is to remove SkyBlock and start from scratch.

With that in mind, here are our top tips for playing – and mastering – the SkyBlock map in Minecraft.

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Starting Out

When you start your SkyBlock game, you’ll most likely have the following materials at your disposal:

•      26 blocks of dirt

•      1 oak tree

•      1 chest

•      1 lava bucket

•      1 block of ice

Some versions of the map may vary, but this is what you’ll usually start with. The goal is to take careful and smart steps in order to make the most of these items and begin building on your SkyBlock world – to survive and thrive!

There are rules that some players choose to work under, too. These are:

1. Don’t make a staircase to the mainland for supplies – they should all come from your sky island.

2. Don’t jump off the island to refresh your health.

3. Play on Survival mode.

4. Don’t cheat!

Some players might bend these rules very slightly – for instance, a lot of the time it’s much easier and simpler to just respawn for max health. It’s all about the way that you choose to interpret that ‘survive and thrive’ goal. At the end of the day, just have fun with it and see how well you fare!

There are also fifty optional challenges that players can complete during their SkyBlock games. These aren’t compulsory, it’s completely up to every player whether or not they decide to take them on, but completing them will allow the player to collect a lot of useful resources.

The challenges are:

1. Build a cobblestone generator

2. Build a house

3. Expand your island

4. Make a melon farm

5. Make a pumpkin farm

6. Make a sugarcane farm

7. Make a wheat farm

8. Make a giant red mushroom

9. Craft a bed

10. Make 64 stone bricks

11. Make 20 torches

12. Make an infinite water source

13. Craft yourself a furnace

14. Make a small lake

15. Build a platform 24 blocks away for mobs

16. Make 10 cactus green dye

17. Make 10 mushroom stew

18. Craft 10 Jack O’ Lanterns

19. Craft 10 bookcases

20. Make 10 bread

21. Collect 10 enderpearls

22. Cook 10 fish

23. Craft 10 block wool

24. Craft 10 gray wool

25. Craft 10 light gray wool

26. Craft 10 lime green wool

27. Craft 10 red wool

28. Craft 10 yellow wool

29. Craft 10 pink wool

30. Craft 10 green wool

31. Craft 10 orange wool

32. Craft 10 snow golems

33. Craft 20 paintings

34. Build and light a nether portal

35. Craft 5 gold ingots

36. Craft 16 glass panes

37. Collect 50 birch logs

38. Collect 64 arrows and craft a bow

39. Craft 10 stone buttons

40. Craft 30 stone slabs

41. Craft 10 signs

42. Craft 20 ladders

43. Craft 20 fences

44. Craft 20 fence gates

45. Craft 10 levers

46. Craft 10 trap doors

47. Craft 10 stone pressure plates

48. Craft 10 wooden pressure plates

49. Collect 64 bonemeal

50. Craft 20 cobblestone stairs

Again, these aren’t all things that you need to do in order to progress in the SkyBlock world, but following this list of tasks will certainly help you out later on! Some of the initial tasks, however, you definitely want to get right – otherwise you might have to start all over again.

Build A Cobblestone Generator

Remember how we said that you don’t technically need to complete the tasks to succeed in the game? Well, this one is actually pretty crucial to your success in Minecraft SkyBlock, so you should at least always start by building a cobblestone generator!

This will allow you to have a constant, endless supply of cobblestone so that you build on and expand your island.

To do this, equip yourself with the lava and ice. Dig down one block and place the ice on top, then dig down two blocks to the right of this block, leave the next dirt block in place, then dig down one block and place the lava on top.

Once you have turned the ice into water, there should now just be a dirt block separating the two. Once you’ve broken this, you should have a working cobblestone generator! This will make the rest of the game much easier for you.

This first step is super important – after that there’s a lot of trial and error involved, but that’s all part of the fun.

How Long Can I Play SkyBlock?

You can play Minecraft SkyBlock for as long as you want! Whether that means wanting to play until you have completed those fifty tasks or simply just play until you find the challenge wearing off a little. It’s all about having fun and making whatever you want of your experience with the game!

Minecraft SkyBlock can be played solo or multiplayer – obviously, there’s not a lot of room for multiplayer, but you can if you like! There’s also plenty of forums and spaces online to discuss your progress and experience of Minecraft SkyBlock, so why not get online and see how your SkyBlock skills match up to those of other players?

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