How To Get One Block Minecraft

OneBlock MC
How To Get One Block Minecraft

So... you've probably seen the new one block mod somewhere and want to play it yourself. Awesome.

The simple way to play is to join the OneBlock MC Minecraft Server which requires no mods or installations and you can get started in your own world.

The other way is to download a one block minecraft map to your computer and then install it on your Minecraft. You may need to switch your Minecraft version to get this working.

We'll start with the simple option! Play OneBlock Skyblock:

  1. Open Minecraft (any version will work, but the latest version is best!)
  2. Head to "Multiplayer"
  3. Click Add Server and input the IP
  4. Join!

Once you join the OneBlock MC server, you get your own oneblock world to play with no hassle. Your OneBlock levels up through 12 phases and can spawn up to 12,000 different blocks.

You will meet other like minded players on the server, we are a large community with hundreds of logins per week. Trade with other players in the Auction House, voice chat on our Discord and more.

There's also some goodies on the server such as Magic Enchantments, which adds up to 100 custom enchants to the game and makes Minecraft more fun in the end game stages.

We also host regular community events :) We hope you join and look forward to welcoming you!

If you do not want to join a thriving multiplayer server, you can also download the map directly.

  1. Find a OneBlock map download (beware of viruses!)
  2. Open Minecraft
  3. Head to Resource Packs
  4. Click Open Resource Pack folder
  5. Once this folder opens your computer, click in the navigation folder to head back to .minecraft
  6. Open saves and put the map folder inside

When you play the map you will be alone in singleplayer, whereas when you join the Multiplayer server there will be lots of other players to interact with. However, your OneBlock is still private to you so you don't need to be worry about griefing.

You can team up with other players on the OneBlock MC Server, simply Shift+Punch a player to invite them to your team! They will then be able to help you expand your SkyBlock empire 😁

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