A beginner’s guide to a bedwars server

OneBlock MC
A beginner’s guide to a bedwars server

Become familiar with the rules and concept of our bedwars minecraft server.

Before rushing off to secure your first victory, becoming familiar with the rules and concept of our bedwars minecraft server is definitely worth your time, and will swing in your favour.

The size of a team depends on you. If you want to play alone against other players - you can jump right in and face others head on by yourself. If you want to play in a team with your friends or random players, the general bedwars rules don’t change - but the gameplay we’ll talk about in a minute will vary slightly when playing on a team, as you’ll have different roles to share out.

So the concept is simple. Spawn on your island. Use the upgrade and item shop on your island to buy blocks, weapons, and special items. Defend your bed. Destroy the beds of other teams. Bridge across from your island to others first to get the ball rolling. If your bed is destroyed, you can no longer respawn.

Easy enough, right?

Then that means you’ve got to start delving a bit more into the game. One of the most significant parts is creating a defence around your bed. In simple terms, a bed defence would mean buying blocks, then covering the bed with them in order to make it more difficult for players to destroy. An uncovered bed makes for an easy target - so one of the first things you should be thinking about is putting wool, wood, or sandstone around it.

It’s common for players to replace their defenses with stronger blocks over the course of the game, or double up on the blocks - it’s not like a wool defense stands as a good defense against a diamond axe in the endgame!

Speaking of players attempting to destroy your bed - if you want to give winning a go, there’s a high chance that you’re going to have to destroy some beds along the way, too. One of the best methods for destroying beds is rushing. It refers to moving in on someone’s base to destroy their OneBlock MC bed as soon as possible.

One of the most basic techniques for rushing is building a wool bridge across to someone’s island. It works, but it can be fairly dangerous and even ineffective at times. Especially if the game has gone past the beginning stage, and enemy players already had the chance to build a defense around their bed. Other methods include building a half bridge and propelling yourself the rest of the way by setting off TNT, or the quieter way - with invisibility potions.

Before you rush an enemy base to destroy their bed - remember to have tools on hand.

The last part is the most essential and basic play in bedwars - bridging. It simply means ‘to build a bridge’. If you want to get into the game, you’re going to have to bridge your way from spawn to the main island. After getting some experience with the game, you can try speed-bridging, where you move on from crouching whilst building bridges to moving across at a much faster speed whilst building.

Why not try all of those methods at:


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