7 Gigantic Benefits Of Minecraft

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7 Gigantic Benefits Of Minecraft

Not sure whether you want to play Minecraft yet? See our top 7 gigantic benefits of minecraft. From gameplay to the social parts too.

We’ve probably all had somebody at some point tell us that we need to stop playing so many games because they’re ‘frying our brains’. In reality, some games can actually be pretty good for us – and Minecraft is definitely one of them.

Here are just a few of the huge benefits of playing Minecraft OneBlock!

It’s Creative

Whether you’re going crazy with your in-game architecture in creative mode or really honing all your skills to get the materials together to build the most effective fort you can in survival mode, Minecraft is a massively creative experience!

New players could be forgiven for thinking that you’re pretty limited in what weird and wonderful structures you can make in the game with the materials that you have, but the game allows you the opportunity to really practice your craft and see what you can come up with. Players have built real-life landmarks (the Eiffel tower, the great pyramids, even Buckingham Palace), huge fortresses, whole villages – the only limit is your imagination.

Building is a huge part of the game and a chance for players to really shape and change the in-game environment into absolutely anything that they want, no matter how extravagant your ideas might get. It’s so much fun to see what you can come up with, especially after you’ve been playing for a while!

It’s Social

A lot of people who haven’t played seem to think that Minecraft is a solitary activity – but this couldn’t be further from the truth!

There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Minecraft servers out there, and many give players a chance to interact with each other whilst playing. It’s not just in the game where Minecraft becomes a social experience, however. With over 126 million players out there, you’re never too far from a fellow Minecraft fan. The game has given players of all ages some common ground to chat about online and in real life, with Minecraft conventions around the world seeing hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and the Minecraft sub-reddit having over 4.3 million users! This game is truly a global experience and friendships have been formed through a mutual love of Minecraft for many people over the last ten years.

It Uses The Logical Side Of Your Brain

Since playing Minecraft in survival mode requires the player to do a whole lot of problem-solving, Minecraft is great for exercising the frontal lobes!

While, at its core, Minecraft is an adventure game, it definitely has its puzzling moments. You have to put a lot of thought into how to best use all your materials, how to defend yourself against hostile mobs, how to make the most of the daylight time in the game – playing Minecraft helps you develop the part of your brain that uses strategy and logic, so there’s definitely some learning to be done in the game.

So, next time someone tells you that you won’t learn anything playing Minecraft, let them know that playing Minecraft exercises the same part of your brains that solves those extra-hard puzzles in the weekly newspaper – and we know which one is more fun!

There’s So Much Choice

While Minecraft has a variety of different goals and objectives, there isn’t exactly one singular aim that every player is heading towards. This means that your time playing Minecraft really is what you make it – and it’s all up to you, the player!

If you want to use your playtime to gather as many materials as you can find and build something really impressive, you can. If you want to send yourself on a mission to see how quickly you can defeat a boss, you can. What you do in Minecraft is all dependent on what you want to do, not what the game tells you to do. That’s why so many of us love it so much – ‘playing Minecraft’ has a thousand different meanings and you can pick whichever one you like.

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It Helps You Develop Your Maths Skills

Did you know that Minecraft is even used in some schools to help children develop their maths skills?

Parents have found that their kids have learned a whole lot about maths from the game, stating that kids have used maths to work out a number of different things in the game, including the amount of minutes until nighttime, the amount of food needed to go on a mining adventure and the amount of land needed to build something.

One teacher in LA has even developed a special program to track this – he calls it Mathcraft! He even found that the students’ numeracy skills increased from 18% correct to a huge 83% correct in the space of just one year.

It’s Great For Kids With Autism

Minecraft has been directly linked with helping children who suffer from autism to develop certain life skills that don’t come as naturally to them as everyone else.

One server, Autcraft, has been specially created to give kids with autism a safe virtual space to play and interact with other autistic kids online. The server is built to encouraging sharing, friendly play and socialisation via text chat – it even includes autism-friendly in-game environments, such as a sensory room.

It goes without saying that, for a child with autism, this could be super helpful!

It’s Engaging

Some activities we do every day in our lives can be completely passive, such as watching TV and looking through social media – be honest, how often are you actually reading the things that you’re scrolling past?

Minecraft is a game which needs players to focus, use their imaginations and exercise their brains, making it a great way to keep your mind active – especially during a pandemic when we aren’t going out to socialise like we used to.

Next time you find yourself scrolling through Twitter or Facebook, why not take a quick Minecraft break instead? It’s definitely more engaging and it’s definitely much more fun!

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