5 Things You Didn’t Know About Minecraft SkyBlock

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Minecraft SkyBlock

Even though Minecraft has been around for such a long time, there’s plenty of opportunity for fun new challenges within the game. One of the most popular Minecraft challenges over the past few years is Minecraft SkyBlock.

If you haven’t heard of SkyBlock, it might look a little confusing. SkyBlock is essentially a game mode of Minecraft where every player starts their game on an island in the sky, which they then have to mine and eventually develop and grow into a thriving fortress. Sounds simple? It’s actually a lot trickier than you think!

Here are just a few things that you might not know about Minecraft SkyBlock.

Your First Couple Of Steps Are The Most Important

You might usually like to spend a couple minutes exploring a new game when you start. Well, with SkyBlock, you don’t really have time.

The first couple of things you do in SkyBlock will pretty much determine whether or not you’re going to be able to continue the game – in fact, if you do these steps in the wrong order, you might be better off just re-starting.

Not that we want you to cheat (it’s one of the four main rules of SkyBlock!), but you should probably know that the first thing to do once you start your game is build a cobblestone generator.

You should have a chest on your island and this should contain a lava bucket and block of ice that you can use to do this – we won’t tell you how, though!

How Many Blocks?

This fact might not be as unknown or as important to your success in the game itself, but it’s still worth knowing!

In most SkyBlock servers, the island you start with will always be made up of the same five components – one oak tree, one chest, one lava bucket, one block of ice and twenty-six dirt blocks.

Yes, it’s limited, but that’s all part of the fun! With the right moves, it’s possible to turn these five materials into a thriving Minecraft world.

You Can Play With Others

While SkyBlock is a little more puzzling than other modes of Minecraft, meaning it might take you a little more concentration to get right, you can still play with friends if you feel like it!

Some things will always be more fun with friends and teammates, so why not invite some fellow Minecraft players over to your SkyBlock island and see if they can try their hands at it for themselves?

Play our Minecraft SkyBlock Server today and join thousands of other SkyBlockers! Invite players to your team, go on adventures, collect spawners or even just make a pretty island!

The Optional Challenges

Stricter players of Minecraft SkyBlock might tell you that, outside of the four main rules, there’s another thing you need to do in SkyBlock to be able to consider yourself a successful SkyBlock player – in fact, there’s fifty of them!

If you look around online, you’ll be able to find a list of fifty additional optional challenges that Minecraft SkyBlock players can take on. You can succeed without following this formula, but completing the challenges correctly and in the right order will mean that it’s a little easier for you to build your thriving Minecraft fortress in the sky!

These challenges include crafting a bow and collecting 64 arrows, creating a sugarcane farm and making a giant red mushroom and vary in difficulty as you go through the game – but then that’s all part of the fun.

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How Do I Know I’ve ‘Beat’ It?

While Minecraft has no real definitive ending – you can just continue to play for as long as you like – the ‘official’ ending is thought to be the point where the credits roll. In traditional Minecraft, the credits appear after the player leaves the End.

SkyBlock, of course, doesn’t have credits, so how do you know when you’ve essentially ‘beat’ the game? Well, it’s pretty much down to your own opinion.

Going off the main aims of the game – which are to survive without cheating, develop your island, generate your own food and continue to thrive – it’s really down to your interpretation.

While it might be a bit of a disappointment that you decide whether or not you’ve beat the game, SkyBlock is intended to be more a fun side-mission for when you feel like a break from traditional Minecraft. The end is essentially just whenever you’ve had enough!

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