Getting Started on OneBlock MC

OneBlock MC
Getting Started on OneBlock MC

Welcome to OneBlock MC! Learn about getting started and how to progress through the game.

If you are reading this, you are probably new to the community! Welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself on the server and find lots of fun on it.

The Basics

When you join the server, you will spawn in front of a friendly NPC with the text "Create NPC" above it. Punch it to create your OneBlock and start your adventure.

You will spawn on just one block... surprisingly! You can punch any block it spawns, but we recommend getting tools as soon as possible!

It has green particles above it so that when you expand your island you will always be able to recognize it.

Start by punching the blocks until you can create a platform around your one block. You may hear noises such as Spiders, this means that a spider is going to spawn soon (so be prepared).

Later in the game, all kinds of mobs and blocks will spawn and some of them will need space to spawn! It is best to leave a 5x5 area around your generator clear so they have room to spawn safely.

Once you have secured the generator and created a small platform for your chests and items, you are past the most tedious part of the game. Congratulations.

TOP TIP: Run /vote in-game to get 40 minutes of Island Flight each day. This is great for building!

How to Make Money

You will notice in your sidebar there is a balance. This is your cash balance on the server. Money is used to trade with other players, buy items from the /shop and much more.

As soon as you are on your feet, it would be best to start a farm so that you can start generating income. A bamboo farm is a great place to start as they can grow very high.

Once you begin to make cash, you can expand with various different farms or maybe even purchase a spawner from the shop! Note that spawner mobs do not have the same AI as naturally occuring mobs, so spawners are best for farming only.

Magic Enchants

Using all the XP you're getting from your spawner farms, it is time to explore our Magic Enchants!

There are 5 tiers of enchantments:

  • Simple (400 EXP)
  • Unique (800 EXP)
  • Elite (2,500 EXP)
  • Ultimate (5,000 EXP)
  • Legendary (25,000 EXP)
  • Heroic (50,000 EXP)

To see the enchants available, right-click the tier preview available by typing /enchanter or punching the Magic Enchanter at spawn.

There are all kinds of enchants available ranging from AutoSmelt to Take Off! They are perfect for taking your OneBlock MC experience to the next level.


Quests are another way to get XP for Magic Enchants. There's Farming Quests, Building Quests, Animal Quests, Gathering Quests and Combat Quests. They are all pretty explanatory, but they give lots of XP to buy enchants with! Type /quests in-game to start a quest.

That's all for getting started, once you have these nailed there's almost no limits to what you will achieve on OneBlock MC. Will it be a mega farm? A city? Or even an underground cavern? Whatever you make, make sure you share it with other players in the Discord Chat!

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