OneBlockMC: Winter Update

OneBlock MC
OneBlockMC: Winter Update

Attention all OneBlockers!

We are thrilled to announce the release of one of the biggest and most highly anticipated updates to our server yet. This update brings a plethora of new features and improvements, including quality of life changes, refreshed rank perks, and exciting new content for players to explore and enjoy.

Some of the standout features of this update include some stunning updates to our existing planet system to make it more dynamic and immersive than ever before, a adorable new pet for everyone to collect and care for, and a highly requested new way to quickly and easily transport around your island. These are just a few of the many improvements and additions coming with this update.

We've been working hard to bring this update to you, and we can't wait for you to experience all the new features for yourself. Jump in and explore the endless possibilities of our server. This is an update you won't want to miss!

Quality of Life Changes

All of the below QOL changes will effect all OB realms unless stated otherwise.

OneBlock Island Chat

We know there has been a big need for you to be able to communicate with your fellow team members while online without the whole server knowing your business. For this reason we have added a brand new /ob chat for you to talk to your team.

Please note that all normal chat rules still apply within this chat.

To turn on OB Chat simply run the command /ob chat, this will put you into your OB chat where all messages sent will only be visible to your fellow OB members. You will remain in your OB Chat until you you run the command to toggle it back off.

You can quickly send a chat message without having to toggle OB chat by typing /ob chat <message>. This will send your message into OB chat while leaving you in global chat.

Toggle OB chat on
Toggle OB chat off

When talking in OB chat your message will show up in green as shown below. You will also be able to tell OB ranks via how many symbols they have in front of their name. OB ranks will be shown as follows:

OneBlock Island Ranks
OneBlock Island Chat

Confirmation menu for Rename Scrolls

Another highly requested addition is a confirmation menu when using a rename scroll, this will allow you to see a preview of your named item before taking your scroll. You will be given a menu in which you can either confirm or cancel the changes as shown below!

New Emotes

Who doesn't love using /emotes? We have vastly improved our selection with the addition of a whopping 8 new emotes. These will be given out in prizes over the coming year!

We have added the following emotes: /slap, /sad, /comfort, /kiss, /no, /yes, /sus and /oops!

New Emotes

Other QOL Changes

  • Added poppies to /sell all to make IG farms a little more... bearable
  • Added Rename Scrolls to /c shop for 300 credits
  • Added more /pv icons to choose from (Galaxy & Abyss Only)
  • Added more leaves into /shop (Galaxy & Abyss Only)
  • Added End Rods to Abyss and Galaxy /shop (Galaxy & Abyss Only)
  • Added a parkour course to the hub to give you something to do while realms reboot
  • Added a /warp menu to show you all the warps and what they are for (Out Soon)
  • Added infinite Water Buckets and infinite Lava Buckets to /c shop
  • Added a Farmer Kit into /c shop (Galaxy & Abyss Only)
  • Added /friends into the hub
  • Added /f list or /friend list to allow you to see what realms your friends are on
  • Allowed any Custom Enchants in the "Tools" category to be put onto sheers
  • Added a double confirmation menu when clicking the TNT in /ob settings

New Content - All Realms

Player Shops - A whole new way to advertise your OB Shop

Player shops introduce a whole new way to advertise your shop and get new players to join your OB!

To setup a shop simply run /pshop create and follow the ingame prompts. Once your shop is created you can place down a sign with the text "[SHOP]".

Once your shop is created you can edit it by clicking the Chest at the bottom of the /pshop menu.  You can even use color codes within shop titles and descriptions.

Shops will be ordered within the GUI by highest visits.

Place down a sign with the text "[SHOP]" on it to create your shop warp!
/pshop - Shops in here will be shown in order of total warps

Taxi Signs

Taxi signs give a whole new way to transit round your island, gone are the days of setting homes or flying around. Welcome to the new age of Taxi Signs.

These Taxi Signs simply allow you and any island members you specify to teleport between each of the signs instantly. Taxi signs are only able to be used on your OB and will not teleport players between OBs. You can change who can use these signs via your /ob settings to allow even visitors to use them!

Setting up these Taxi Signs could not be easier:

  1. Place down a sign and type "[TAXI]" onto it, the sign will then change into the setup phase.
  2. Place down the 2nd sign where you would like the other end to be and click the sign once placed. Do not write on this sign, you can use a already placed blank sign.
  3. Follow the chat prompt asking for a name of the Taxi warp.
  4. Enjoy your new Taxi Sign!
Taxi sign fully setup

There will be a cap on how many of these signs can be placed based on the OB owners rank. Member rank will be able to place 1 taxi sign pair while Netherite rank will be able to place up to 10.

Visit other people signs (Galaxy and Abyss Only)

A simple but very useful addition is the ability to place down a sign on your OB that when clicked will take you to someone else's OB.

Simply place down a sign on your OB and type "[Visit]" on the first line followed by the IGN of the player on the 2nd line. So long as the OB you are trying to warp to has a valid visit sign and the OB is open clicking the sign will take you to their OB.

There will be a cap on how many of these signs can be placed based on the OB owners rank. Member rank will be able to place 1 visit sign pair while Netherite rank will be able to place up to 10.

Clicking this sign will take you to wlovisa OB

Visit other peoples signs will be live in the coming days

New Content - Galaxy

This year, we're bringing you a major overhaul to our planetary system that will completely change the way you mine. We've realized that planets haven't been living up to their potential, so we're making some exciting updates to make them more fun and rewarding. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on this opportunity to elevate your mining game. Keep an eye out for more information on this exciting new update – it's going to be a game-changer!


Are you ready to become the top miner in the galaxy? With our new leaderboards, you can compete with other miners to see who can mine the most ores on each planet. The leaderboard, which can be found at the planet spawn, will show the top 10 players and will refresh every 30 minutes. And if you're not satisfied with your ranking, don't worry – the leaderboard fully resets every Monday, giving you a fresh chance to climb to the top. So grab your pickaxe and start mining – the competition is heating up!

Planet leaderboard

Surplus Custom Enchants

Ready to turbocharge your profits? With our new enchant, you can activate a sell boost just by right-clicking your pickaxe. The longer the boost is active, and the higher the boost percentage, will depend on the level of the enchant. So don't wait – get your hands on this powerful tool and start raking in the riches. Your mining career will never be the same!

  • Level 1: 30-second activation with a 10% sell boost. Cooldown of 10 mins.
  • Level 2: 45-second activation with a 15% boost. Cooldown of 12.5 mins.
  • Level 3: 60-second activation with a 20% boost. Cooldown of 15 mins.

Super Ore Custom Enchants

With our new feature, you'll have the chance to strike it rich with Super Ores. As you swing your pickaxe they'll give you a huge boost in money compared to regular ore, with the potential to earn up to 50 times the normal value. Don't miss out on this opportunity to hit the jackpot and elevate your mining career to new heights. Keep your pickaxe at the ready – you never know when a Super Ore might appear!

  • Level 1: 0.5% chance of activation per ore mined.
  • Level 2: 1% chance of activation per ore mined.
  • Level 3: 2% chance of activation per ore mined.

Planet Random Drops

Are you ready for a new way to boost your mining experience? Introducing random drops!

A feature that adds an element of surprise and excitement to your planetary mining expeditions. With each ore you mine, you'll have the chance to receive a random drop containing valuable rewards like EXP, Money, Crates, and even Efficiency 6 pickaxes.

And the best part? The better the planet, the better the random drops you have the chance to receive. So gear up and get ready to mine, because you never know what treasures you might uncover.

Random Planet Drops will be live over the coming days, we are just doing some final testing on the system before deploying!

Pet Rock

Attention all miners! Are you ready to up your game and increase your profits? Introducing the all-new Pet Rock – your trusty companion that will help you earn even more money on your planetary mining expeditions. Simply activate your Pet Rock, and you'll receive an additional sell boost that varies depending on the level of your pet. With the Pet Rock by your side, you'll be raking in the riches in no time. Don't wait – get your hands on this valuable pet and start boosting your profits today!

These pets can be found within the Pet Crate!

Level 1-5 - 2% extra money per ore mined
Level 5-10 - 4% extra money per ore mined
Level 10-20 - 5% extra money per ore mined
Level 20-30 - 6% extra money per ore mined
Level 30-40 - 7% extra money per ore mined
Level 40-50 - 8% extra money per ore mined
Level 50-60 - 10% extra money per ore mined
Level 60-70 - 12% extra money per ore mined
Level 70-80 - 14% extra money per ore mined
Level 80-90 - 16% extra money per ore mined
Level 90-99 - 18% extra money per ore mined
Level 100 - 20% extra money per ore mined

Boosts will stack with planet boosters. This pet will only be on Galaxy and will only give a sell booster for ores mined on planets.

The new Pet Rock

Rank Refreshes

We've heard your feedback and have realized that the Emerald and Netherite ranks haven't been living up to their full potential. That's why we're excited to announce some incredible updates to these ranks that will make them more rewarding than ever before.

Emerald Rank Additions

  • Added /clearinventory (/ci) command access
  • Added /grindstone command access
  • Added 3 more PV's
  • When first creating an island it will be slightly larger than normal (+25 Blocks) (Galaxy & Abyss Only)

Netherite Rank Additions

  • Added /clearinventory (/ci) command access
  • Added /smithing command access
  • Added /grindstone command access
  • Reduced /skull cooldown from 10 minutes to 5 minutes
  • Added /nick command access
  • Granted the ability to use world edit on creative without the need to vote
  • Added 5 more PV's
  • When first creating an island it will be slightly larger than Emerald (+50 Blocks) (Galaxy & Abyss Only)

If you already have an island and would like it expanding to match the new values just open a ticket on our /discord

Crate Refreshes

It's also come to our attention that some of the current crates are slightly outdated. For this reason we have refreshed the following crates!

  • Removed Small and Medium Cosmetic and Trail crates (Old crates will still be able to be opened)
  • Fully revamped both Cosmetic Crates and Trail Crates with new items
  • Refreshed disguise crate keys across the network
New Disguise Crate
New Trails Crate
New Cosmetic Crate

Galaxy HOF Requirements

Find below the long awaited requirements for Galaxy HOF. In order to qualify for HOF you must complete all of the below criteria:

  • 5 Million OB Levels
  • OB Prestige 10
  • All Planets completed
  • All phases mined
  • 10,000 mcmmo (Mining, Acrobatics and Herbalism will each be capped at 2,000)
  • $50 Million (This will be removed from you)
  • Be the Owner or Sub-Owner (Limited to 1 per island of each)

Chunkloader PSA

We wanted to take a moment to apologize for the delays and lack of information regarding the Galaxy Chunkloaders.

Chunkloaders required major and time-consuming changes to the actual software that the server is running on, these changes are major and will require a lot of testing to make sure they are 100% before deploying. Unfortunately, the Chunkloaders did not behave as we had anticipated when we first implemented them on the live realm dispite working on development realms. We understand how frustrating this must be for you, and we want to assure you that we are working diligently to resolve the issues and get the chunkloaders functioning as intended.

We know that you have been patiently waiting for an update on this, and we apologize for the lack of transparency. Going forward, we promise to be more transparent about any issues that may arise and to keep you informed of our progress.

At this time, we cannot provide a specific timeline for when the Chunkloaders will be fully functional as we cannot confirm a date and do not want to disappoint further. However, we want to assure you that this is now a high priority task for us, and we are doing everything we can to get it resolved as soon as possible.

Again, we apologize for the delays and any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

To summarize, we are excited to release our biggest update ever, filled with exciting changes and additions. Thank you for your support and patience as we worked on this update. We hope that these changes will enhance your experience and we look forward to an amazing new year with you all. Be sure to join our Discord server to stay fully up to date on all future updates. Thank you again for your support!

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