The Shop Update

OneBlock MC
The Shop Update

Hey everyone - we're happy to introduce to you the Shop Update! This update is aimed at improving all of the in-game shops to make them more appealing and  useful.

We've heard your feedback and have made some significant changes to the buy, sell and credit shops. All OneBlock shops (except Classic) now have a rotation time of 3 days and Survival's rotation time has been decreased to 4 days.

The Buy Shop

Some new blocks added to the buy shop include: andesite, polished andesite, blue ice, warped stem, white concrete powder and sweet berries. The prices of food items and saplings have been significantly reduced to make them more affordable for everyone. Check out the new "/buy" shop menu on all realms (except Classic and Paradise).

The Sell Shop

Mob drops have been added to the sell shop which consists of; rotten flesh, bones, arrows, gunpowder, spider eyes, blaze rods, string, slime, magma cream and much more. All log types have also been added to the sell shop along with some other miscellaneous items including; leather, eggs, cod, salmon, pufferfish and much more.

The Credit Shop

In our new credit shop, we have added the ability to bulk purchase items similarly to the other shops. This means you can purchase as many safari nets until your hearts content! The item used to show tags has been changed from maps to nametags so that bedrock players can view what the tag looks like. All of the new generators from our Generator Update have been added to the credit shop too.

New Items

Along with all of these changes, we've also added some new items to the credit shop. You can now purchase all-new tags on any realm. Previously, bedrock players were unable to purchase tags from the credit shop but this has been fixed in this update! We have also added some new kits to the credit shop. These include the PvP Kit, Builder Kit, Forest Kit and Egg Kit. View all of the items in these kits below.

Other Changes

  • Increased the amount of slots in the Survival shop from 6 to 21
  • Added new tags to all credit shops
  • Added specialized kits to all credit shops
  • Updated the starter shops to include more starter items
  • Added logs, terracotta and white concrete to the Survival shop
  • Added pig, sheep and cow spawners to the Survival shop
  • Added individual eggs to the Survival credit shop

We hope you enjoy this content update and we look forward to hearing your feedback in our Discord server!

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