The QOL Update

OneBlock MC
The QOL Update

Hey everyone - this week we've released a QOL Update! This update is aimed at implementing and resolving lots of highly suggested features from you guys!

Global Credit Draws

Ever wanted to get your hands on some extra credits? Well now you can with credit draws! Credit draws have been added to all realms so maybe you'll be the next lucky winner. The draws occur every 15 minutes and give the winner 100 credits that can be used in "/c shop".

Credit Draw Winner

Improved Unscramble Event

Making content enjoyable for both Java and Bedrock players is always an aim of ours which is why we have updated the unscramble chat event to now be bedrock inclusive. The scrambled word is now shown in chat instead of having to hover over the message. Addtionally, we have updated the old list of words and added lots of new ones!

Scramble Event

New Custom Enchantment

Having your precious crops trampled by other people is an issue faced by many. This is why we have added a new Simple custom enchant: Feather Step. This new CE can be applied to boots and stops the trampling of crops.

Featherstep Custom Enchant

Sell Wand Updates

We have added the ability to merge your sell wands together! Simply place the two sell wands you want to merge into an anvil and then collect your new sell wand! Sell wands of any sizes can be merged together.

Additionally, we have added the ability to edit who can use sell wands on your oneblock. To edit these settings, run "/is settings" and navigate to the Container setting.

Changing Island Phases

You can now go back to previous phases on your oneblock! In "/is settings" under the Expert Settings, you or other island members can alter the oneblock phase you're on.

Island Permission settings

Help Command

We have added a "/help" command in-game that lists lots of key information. Every realm has it's own help menu so that all of the information is realm-specific.

Name Tagging Mobs

We've heard your suggestions and so from now on if you rename a mob using a name tag, it will no longer be removed from the entity clear!

Other Changes

  • Added an island setting to allow island members access to chest shops
  • Removed endermen's ability to teleport when hit
  • Certain items no longer require drop confirmation (iron axes, wooden shovels etc.)

We hope you enjoy this content update and we look forward to hearing your feedback in our Discord server!

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