The PvP Update

OneBlock MC
The PvP Update

Hey OneBlock community - we're happy to introduce to you the newest OneBlock update: The PvP Update!

In this update we've introduced several new features that should help spice up PvP for everyone!

King Of The Hill (KOTH)

Finally returning to OBMC is KOTH! Players will be able to compete with other players at /warp koth for the chance at receiving crate keys! KOTH events will happen once a day at noon EST. All OneBlock realms that did not previously have one will be getting a new /warp koth build to fight for KOTH shown below:  

Bounty System

Also new in this update is the bounty system! Players can now spend money to put a bounty on another player's head, meaning that whoever kills that player will get the money. The aim of this feature is to help incentivize pvp more by adding more rewards for participating in it. Bounties can be issued to players with /bounty <ign> <amount>

We hope you enjoy this update, and give us any feedback you have on our Discord server!

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