The Envoy Update

OneBlock MC
The Envoy Update

Hey everyone - we're happy to introduce to you the Envoy Update! This update will help to spice up and further incentivize PvP fights on all realms!

What has been added?

In this update there are now envoys that occur every 3 hours in the PvP areas on all realms! These envoys come in 4 different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary! Each ascending rarity will have higher quality prizes to obtain from opening them!

What's inside and how do we get it?

Envoys will contain a wide variety of loot including in-game money, credits, keys, and much more! Envoys can be opened easily: just use any pickaxe to crack them open to get at the loot inside of them, but be careful as they're located in PVP regions and other players may fight to get the loot for themselves! The chests will also apply mining fatigue and blindness to make it harder to get inside them!

New Survival Warzone!

To accompany this update, we have also created a new warzone on Survival. To get there, do "/warp warzone" to check out the awesome build (as well as the beautiful photos below)! This is where the envoys will spawn and where you can fight your foes! We would also like to say a massive thank you to Plunes, Hunter_Bluemane, lovirat, piiiink, sofiessunflowers, ori_os, MBlades, AliceIt, Finny_os, oFeddy, ElBronco1 and oAbz for helping build the new warzone.

We hope you enjoy this content update and we look forward to hearing your feedback in our Discord server!

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