The Cosmetic Update

OneBlock MC
The Cosmetic Update

Greetings OneBlock Community, we're happy to introduce to you this week the Cosmetic Update! This will bring about all sorts of interesting and fun cosmetics that you can unlock!

What are cosmetics?

Cosmetics include a large variety of different player effects and chat addons that don't effect gameplay but look awesome when used! These cosmetics will include the following:

  • Kill Effects
  • Sprays
  • Emotes
  • Trails
  • Wings
  • Rains

To access the cosmetic menu, run the command /cosmetics and you'll be sent to the following GUI. From this menu you can select Kill Effects, Sprays and Trails:

/cosmetic GUI

Kill Effects

Kill Effects makes an image after you kill an opponent player in PvP:

Kill Effect GIF

There are a total 10 different Kill Effect, including Dab, Kiss, GG and more!

Kill Effects GUI


Sprays are fun images you can spray in the world. There are over 30 different ones! After selecting one in the /cosmetics menu, simply do /spray to paste it. Some examples are TnT, Kiss, Smile. Have a look at these:


We have also added 14 chat emotes. You can see them all by doing /emotes:

Chat Emotes

To use them, just run the command for each emote shown above

Trails and Wings

The trails and wings are things you may already be familar with, but in this update we're giving access to never seen before trails, for example Block Trails!

Block Trails GIF

We've also added several trails, rains and even a brand new Wing Pattern to the crates:

Nether Wing Pattern

How do we get them?

Cosmetics can be unlocked in a variety of ways. Good news though, everyone will be given access to the wave emote on launch! The rest are listed below


Certain ranks will receive cosmetics as a perk of their rank

Diamond: Hug Emote
Emerald: Hug Emote + $ Spray
Netherite: Hug Emote + $ Spray + Dab Kill Effect


There will be two new type of crate that is available for purchase on the store called the Cosmetic Crate and Trail Crate. These crates comes in 3 variants: Small, Medium, and Large. The larger the crate, the more cosmetics are available within to receive! The trail crates contain Trails, Rains, Block Trails and wings, the Cosmetic crates contain Kill Effects, Emotes and Sprays. A small crate will give a total of 1 reward, a medium crate 2 rewards and a large crate 3 rewards.

We will also be adding a selection of Cosmetics to the Top ingame crates (Shiny, Dauntless, Divine, Crumble, Legendary and Flame). These crates will have a chance to reward:

  • Cheer Emote
  • Thumbs Up Spray

Monthly Kits

Coming with this update we are also launching new Monthly Kits! These kits are global and will change every month. The kits have a 5 day cooldown. The kit for June looks like this:

Monthly Kit Gif

In addition the kit comes with 64 cooked steak, 3 golden apples and 3 random custom enchants (1 common, 1 unique and 1 elite)

We hope you enjoy this update, and give us any feedback you have on our Discord server!

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