Summer QOL Update

OneBlock MC
Summer QOL Update

Greetings OneBlock Community -  Today we'll be introducing several changes that will help to provide quality of life improvements across the board.

What's changed:


We have now added the ability for players to chose what rank they display in chat and on tab. These changes can be done through the /prefix GUI

The new /prefix menu
The new /prefix menu

New Generators

We have now added 3 additional generators that can be purchased in the credit shop on all OneBlock realms as well as in the store bundles. These generators include the following:

Desert Generator:

  • Sand
  • Sandstone
  • Red Sand
  • Red Sandstone
  • Chiseled Sandstone
  • Chiseled Red Sandstone
  • Smooth Sandstone
  • Smooth Red Sandstone

Terracotta Generator

  • All 16x colors of terracotta

Concrete Generator

  • All 16x colors of concrete


DailyBonus is a rewards feature that allows you to claim a new reward for logging onto OneBlock on consecutive days! The DailyBonus system has now been added to all realms that did not previously have it. It has also now been extended to have rewards for up to 30 days. There is a reward for each day, some examples include:

  • Minion, Quest and Top Crate Keys
  • Enchant scrolls
  • Credits, money and exp
  • Custom Enchants
  • Diamond, Emerald, Lapiz and Netherite Blocks
  • Beacons, Shulker Boxes and End Crystals
  • A unique #Reclaimer tag

Infinite Water Bucket

We've added an infinite water bucket to the credit shop! This bucket will never run out of water, making it way easier for you to create things that require a large amount of water.

Infinite water bucket in the credit shop
Infinite water bucket in the credit shop

Extra world edit on Creative

Creative players have asked for more world edit perms and we have listened! Each time you vote, you now get 1 hour of World Edit time. We have also added some extra commands, such as:

  • //copy
  • //paste
  • //move
  • //walls
  • //up
  • //stack

New Tab Format

We have updated the way tab looks, making it look a little fresher. It now also shows how many people are online on the entire server!

Smaller changes

  • All slimes now drop slimeballs regardless of size
  • Added the following commands to Diamond rank+ (/condense /loom /stonecutter)
  • The following items now require confirmation to drop (Pets, EXP bottles, Sell Wands)
  • Rename scrolls now support 30 characters in item names (previously 20)
  • Added Dragons Breath to chests during the end phase
  • Added more showcase slots
  • New tags have been added to quest & vote crates

We hope you enjoy this update, and give us any feedback you have on our Discord server!

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