Trackers, store, crate and referral update

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Trackers, store, crate and referral update

Hello OneBlockers! Today we have quite a few fun and interesting updates to present to you all! We have done a revamp of our store, changing content, prices and introducing new exciting things on it. We have added trackers back to the server, revamped our Top Crates and we have also made a brand new referral system!


Brand new trackers have been added to the game! These trackers can be obtained from the new Tracker Bundle on our store. They come in 3 different forms:

Mob Tracker:

The mob tracker can be applied to your sword, axe, bow or crossbow. Whenever you kill a mob, it will show how many you have killed!

Soul Tracker

The soul tracker works similar to how the mob tracker does, except it tracks how many players you have killed. It can be applied to the same items; swords, axes, bows and crossbows.

Block Tracker

Block trackers can be applied to pickaxes, axes, shovels and hoes. These trackers will show you how many blocks you have broken with the tool.

Store Updates

This week we have gone over our store and added some new fun things and changed the content and prices of some bundles.

Disguise Crate

We have added a brand new Disguise Crate! The crate will give you a chance to win some really fun and exclusive disguises:

Scroll Bundle

The Scroll Bundle has had it's price lowered to $10 USD and we have also added the brand new Heroic Enchant Scroll to it.

Legendary Bundle

The Legenday Bundle has recieved some much needed love on the realms that have them, and we have also lowered the price from $30 USD to $20 USD. An example of what they now contain can be seen here:

★ Legendary Crate Bundle ★

This Legendary Crate Bundle includes the following:

  • 5x Shiny Crates
  • 5x Spawner Crates
  • 5x Minion Crates
  • 1x Reusable Safari Net
  • $100,000
  • 500x Credits
  • TopoftheWorld Tag
  • Legendary Tag
  • Trader Llama Disguise

Homes Bundle

A brand new Unlimited Homes Bundle can now be found on the store! This bundle allows you to as many /homes as you want!

  • ★ Unlimited Homes Bundle ★
  • Upon purchasing this Unlimited Home Bundle, you will be able to set an unlimted amount of /homes
  • Homes are set via the /sethome command
  • To teleport to a home, use the /home command

Private Vault Bundle

Private Vaults are finally back on the store! We have made bundles that allow you to purchase 10 extra Private Vaults. Note that these are currently limited to 4 purchases per player at the moment.

  • ★ Private Vault Bundle ★
  • The Private Vault Bundle grants you access to 10 extra Private Vaults.
  • Private Vaults are personal storage boxes that has 54 additional storage slots!
  • The private vaults can be accessed via the /pv command, or /pv for spesific vaults.

Survival Packs

Survival now gets their own unique and special Survival Packs that come in 3 different sizes, Beginner, Pro and Extreme. These contain many useful and much needed items to get your Survival career started!

♦ Survival Beginner Pack ♦

Purchasing this Beginner Pack will award you with the following

  • 1500 Claim Blocks
  • 1 Netherite Key
  • 1 Elytra
  • 1 Enchantment Table
  • 1 Anvil
  • 1 Shulker Box
  • 1 Beginner Pickaxe
  • 1 Beginner Sword
  • 10 Obsidian
  • 20 Diamond
  • 64 Iron
  • 50.000 Ingame Money

♦ Survival Extreme Pack ♦

Purchasing this Extreme Pack will award you with the following

  • 5000 Claim Blocks
  • 3 Netherite Key
  • 2 Legendary Key
  • 1 Elytra
  • 64 Firework Rockets
  • 3 Shulker Box
  • 3 Beacon
  • 20 Netherite Ingots
  • 40 Diamond
  • 100.000 Ingame Money
  • 300 Credits
  • 4000 exp
  • 1 Diamond Kit

Top Crate Updates

We have listened to your feedback, and the Top Crates on all the realms have had their contents updated. Spesifically, we have made some brand tags, added pet food to all crate types, and removed some rewards that were not up to standard. This is now live on all realms!

New Referral system

We have revamped our referral system due to people abusing it with alts and paying other people to join their referral links. This is now implemented on all realms, and can be accessed via the /refer command.

The way it works is quite similar to how it used to, except that we have added a few extra steps to refer a new player. New players must now vote for the server, break 500 blocks on their OneBlock and play for at least 2 hours before they grant you a Referral Token.

Referral Tokens are the new way you can get rewards for recruiting players to OneBlockMC! You now get to choose what you want to spend these tokens on in the new Referral Token Shop. Choose from ranks, crates, credits or even exclusive tags!

Hopefully you will enjoy the new Referral shop, as it allows you to keep recruiting past the old 25 maximum and still get fun rewards!

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