Stacked Mobs Update

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Stacked Mobs Update

Greetings OneBlock community - this week we're happy to bring you an update that will improve overall server performance as well as quality of life for players, Mob Stacking from spawners!

What is Mob Stacking and how is it helpful?

Mob Stacking is the new way that mobs from spawners are handled that will help to increase overall server performance. Currently, when a spawner spawns a mob it's handled as an individual entity which builds up across dozens of player's grinders and eventually leads to server lag as a result of all of the entities. With the new Mob Stacking system, mobs of the same type will be handled all as a singular entity with a nametag above it to display how many mobs are in the stack (up to 999 per stack before a new stack is created) as shown below:

A stack of 999 creepers

What servers will this effect?

This update will impact all OneBlock servers with the exception of Cookie. This update will not effect Survival or Creative.

What will this change?

For the most part, things will be very similar to how they are currently with the exception of a few things that needed to be reworked around the new system which are listed below:

Slayer Minions

Slayer Minions are going to function similarly to how they used to work. In the old system slayer minions would kill all mobs in a given radius with given effects depending on the level of the minion. With the new system, the slayer minions will kill all mobs in all stacks within its given radius with its the given effects. This change will be applied to existing minions retroactively.

A slayer Minion

Kill Aura Enchant

As mobs will no longer be standing next to each other individually, the Kill Aura custom enchant has been reworked to function as follows; Kill Aura has a 5% chance to activate at all levels of the enchant. When activated it will kill a specified percentage of the mob stack based on the level of the enchant. This change will be automatically applied to existing enchants retroactively.

  • Level 1 - 15% of stack killed
  • Level 2 - 30% of stack killed
  • Level 3 - 45% of stack killed
Information on KillAura custom enchant

• Clear Lag

Clear lag will function as it currently does and will remove all stacked mobs on entity clears.

We hope you enjoy this update, and give us any feedback you have on our Discord server!

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