The Pets Update

OneBlock MC
The Pets Update

Hello everyone! We are excited to introduce our newest update, the Pets Update! This update brings fun, new pets that enhance your gameplay across all OneBlock realms and Survival!

Unfortunately, at this time pets will only show correctly to Java players. This is due to Minecraft restrictions with Bedrock. The pets will still function correctly with buffs given on both versions of Minecraft though!

What are Pets?

Pets are cosmetic companions of your very own! When spawned in, your pet will follow you around for all of your friends to see. Each pet has its own special ability that will help you gain an advantage.

How do they work?

To get a pet, you must spin for one in the Pet Shop! The Pet Shop can be accessed by running /pets in chat. In here, you can spin the wheel to win a pet. Each spin will costs 1000 you Credits, which you can only do twice a day. Once you receive your pet, place it in your hot bar and right-click in onto the ground to activate it! Pets must be kept in your hot bar to be activated. Your pet will level up by 1 for every 20 minutes it is active. The higher level your pet reaches, the more rewards it can give you!

To keep your pet activated, you must feed it with pet food. Pet food can be bought in the Pet Shop. Each pet food increases the amount of time your pet is active by 150 seconds. If your pet runs out of food, it will despawn. To feed your pet, right-click your pet in your hot bar then click "Feed Your Pet".

Image from Gyazo


Only one pet can be activated at a time. Iron Monster & Baby Enderman pets are not available on the Survival realm. Pet info can be checked in-game anytime by running the command /petinfo <pet>.

Among Us Pet

  • Chance to win bonus credits whenever you recieve them
Among Us Pet Level Rewards
Among Us Pet

Penguin Pet

  • Boosts the amount of McMMO level points a you  receive (Apart from Axe levels)
Penguin Pet Level Rewards
Penguin Pet

Sunflower Pet

  • Chance to multiply the amount of drops you get from harvesting crops
Sunflower Pet Level Rewards
Sunflower Pet

Lion Pet

  • Gives you extra experience when killing mobs
Lion Pet Level Rewards
Lion Pet


  • Chance to give 5% sell boost when selling to /shop, with an additional chance to take away 5% of sell total
  • For example, when selling carrots for 1000 in /shop, you either have a chance to get an extra 50 money (getting 1050), or loose 50 (getting 950)
Dragon Pet Level Rewards
Dragon Pet

Iron Monster

  • When mining your generator, you have a chance to gain additional drops. This only effects the main generator you are mining.
Iron Monster Pet Level Rewards
Iron Monster Pet


  • Chance when mining your OneBlock to gain extra drops
Enderman Pet Level Rewards
Enderman Pet

Baby Yoda

  • Grants permanent extra hearts
Baby Yoda Pet Level Rewards
Baby Yoda Pet

We hope you all enjoy this new addition to OneBlock - Enjoy your new pets!

The Enderman and Iron Monster will unfortunately not be available for Survival.
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