As seen on YouTube, our take on the OneBlock Minecraft Gamemode is out now.

Start with just one block which spawns new items every time you break it.

It is running on the latest Minecraft 1.15.2 so you can take advantage of the latest blocks and items. It includes lots of fun features, including 300+ quests and Magic Enchants!

Get Started on OneBlock SkyBlock

  1. Join the server at
  2. Punch the 'Create' NPC
  3. Start breaking your OneBlock!

Make money by completing quests and selling items to the shop. You can farm items and then sell them for a profit! Maybe work your way up to a spawner, eh? ;)

Once you begin to get cash, you can use the XP from spawners to purchase Magic Enchants. Customise your items with over 100+ enchants.

We hope you enjoy the gamemode and we look forward to updating it with regular content and new ideas. What would you like to see?