OneBlock: Updates we are working on

OneBlock MC
OneBlock: Updates we are working on

OneBlock Classic updated to Minecraft 1.16, New Servers & More. See now.

Happy Saturday all! Today I'm announcing some of the updates we are working on which we plan to implement in the coming weeks. These updates have come from suggestions from players both in-game and on Discord.

Classic: 1.16 Update

We are updating OneBlock Classic to 1.16! The planned date is Friday, 13th November.

This means you will be able to get Netherite as well as all the new goodies that 1.16 brings.

WHAT DO WE NEED FROM YOU? Ensure that you are not in the Nether world on OneBlock Classic when you log off, as it will be reset when we update to 1.16!

We're also bringing some useful quality-of-life features to Classic:

  1. /team - Manage all teaming with one command
  2. Nether Generator
  3. F Key Menu to assist new players
  4. Fishing Contests
  5. New Settings

As mentioned above, the planned date is Friday, 13th November. This will happen early morning UK time, and Classic will be offline for (potentially) several hours while we force upgrade the worlds to run on 1.16.

The aim is to complete the 1.16 update during one maintenance window. However, as you guys have seen recently, there can be unexpected bugs when moving to a production server. We will keep you updated during the maintenance.


We are also working on the first major update for Survival. While the Survival server is still fairly new, I think we can all agree it could do with some TLC!

  1. Improved Mars world (new bosses, buffes, etc.)
  2. Spawners
  3. Coinflips
  4. More chat options to suit the roleplay atmosphere
  5. Reset resource world (complete!)
  6. Nether Reset (date will be announced)


Did someone say money sinks? We're working on a custom levelling system which will allow to upgrade your island! The upgradeable hopper limit will come in handy when Spawners are added... I think 👀

Winter Lobby

Winter Lobby

Been in-game recently? We have an all-new Winter hub which is waiting to be explored. Will you spot Sys the Snowman or the Decorated Dino?


Manhunt was created from scratch by Digi which is why its needed some more testing compared to our other releases. It is now running smoothly for more player testing. We have ad campaigns ready to go, we hope to see lots of new Manhunt players across OneBlock soon!

Thank you for continuing to play OneBlock MC! We're working on all of the above updates at the moment and hope to release them throughout this month.

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