OneBlock Realms Update

OneBlock MC
OneBlock Realms Update

More capacity is coming for OneBlock on the latest Minecraft version. Read this update to see where we are taking the realms next.

With the overwhelming success of Abyss, it has highlighted the demand for higher-version servers. Abyss reaches playercap regularly causing players to be waiting in the hub in order to play, this is something that we are working to improve and provide a place for everyone to play. Moving forward we will be putting our focus on higher-version servers.

Unfortunately in order to make room for these newer realms we do need to say goodbye to some of the older realms. These realms will be merged into a new OneBlock realm for everyone to enjoy.

OneBlock Galaxy

OneBlock Galaxy will provide capacity for hundreds more players at a time as well as improve performance on Abyss. We will provide more details on Galaxy soon, but there are new mechanics which we are sure you will love. Once we are caught up with demand, we will be freed up to release plenty of new updates as well!

Realm Merges

Both realms will close on Sunday 6th November 2022. Please see below for the exact times:

  • Forest - 1 pm EST / 6 pm UK
  • Adventure - 2 pm EST / 7 pm UK

What happens to my stuff?

We will be merging certain cosmetics and permissions that you owned on both Forest and Adventure onto the OneBlock Galaxy realm for you. In addition, anyone with a balance of over $50,000 will receive an exclusive tag upon the release of Galaxy.

Any un-opened crates that you have should be opened before Friday evening otherwise any cosmetics won will not be transferred over.

Please find below a list of everything that we will be transferring over for you:

  • Ranks
  • Kits
  • Cosmetics (Sprays, Kill Effects and Trails)
  • Tags
  • Emotes
  • Chat Emotes (<3 & :x)
  • Chat Color
  • Fix all Command
  • Skull Command
  • Nick Command
  • Disguises

Time to celebrate Adventure & Forest

We will be hosting a series of competitions and events in order to say goodbye to the realm and recognise the top players who have dedicated so much time and effort over the years. Anyone is welcome to take part in these events, all details on how to enter can be found below. These events will run for both realms and will end on November 4th at 6 pm EDT / 10 pm UK.

Highest Balance

The player with the highest balance at the end of the competition will receive an exclusive reward on Galaxy release.

Top 3 Teams On OB Top (Forest Only)

All players in the top 3 teams will receive a tag upon the release of Galaxy.

Prettiest Island Award

If you wish to take part in this competition please post a screenshot of your island in #island-competition on our Discord. This will be judged by the Admin team and the winner will receive a reward upon Galaxy release. Please make sure you are following the pinned message in this channel for the rules of the competition.

Highest McMMO Stats

The player with the highest McMMO stats will receive a prize on Galaxy.

Store Purchases

If you bought any of the following items we will be sending you the identical items again on Galaxy.

  • Trick or Treat Crates
  • October Monthly Crate
  • November Monthly Crate

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