OneBlock Adventure

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OneBlock Adventure

Go on Island Adventures and stretch your money further on OneBlock Adventure - our latest gamemode. Check out all it has to offer now!

It is time we go on an adventure! Our latest gamemode, OneBlock Adventure, is joining our roster of servers soon!

Release Date: TBA! Join our Discord for the latest updates.

Q: What will happen to the current OneBlock SkyBlock?

A: Nothing! OneBlock Adventure is joining the roster as an alternative to OneBlock SkyBlock.

Q: Why not just reset OneBlock SkyBlock?

A: Realistically we cannot hold over 100 players per realm, so this will allow us to expand. We also believe that some players will continue to enjoy OneBlock SkyBlock for their builds and the insane enchantments :P

Q: Will I lose my rank?

A: No, ranks apply to all current & future OneBlock MC gamemodes.

Q: Will OneBlock SkyBlock still get updates?

A: Yes, as long as it is continued to be played we will continue with development.

Q: Do Credits transfer?

A: OneBlock Adventure is a seperate server that will run alongside OneBlock SkyBlock, so not at the moment. However, if any OneBlock MC gamemode is closed then we will transfer purchases to another gamemode.

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