Calling all Dora's! Time to go exploring. OneBlock Adventure opens this Saturday, 3rd October at 8PM UK / 3PM EST / 2PM CT / 12PM PT / 9PM EU.

Play OneBlock Server IP:

What's New?

  • Minecraft 1.16.3
  • Adventure Islands
  • Boss Quests
  • Overhauled Economy
  • Greatly improved UIs & Island Management
OneBlock Server Trailer

The Current OneBlock

OneBlock Classic will stay as is and will continue to receive bug fixes & updates.

Your experience on the current OneBlock server should be improved as we expect some players to migrate to Adventure and help with lag & load balancing.

If you're looking for a fresh OneBlock adventure (badum tss), come and try out our new realm!

We hope to see you online on Saturday. There will be giveaways & events at launch! Spread the word.

Thank you for your continued support which has made the launch of a second realm possible.