One month of OneBlock MC (Giveaway)

OneBlock MC
One month of OneBlock MC (Giveaway)

Hey everyone,

OneBlock MC is now officially one month old... and what a month it has been! We have already welcomed hundreds of new members to our community and many are joining us each day.

We celebrated today with a Hide and Seek event hosted by BeanPi! Congratulations to the winners giannanoll, BrownBear88, NXTLevels, Wolfsenpai02, fnak who all received a June Pro Pack.

Discord Giveaway

To celebrate the continued success of the server, we are giving away a Diamond Rank on Discord. Click here to enter.

Whilst we are working on new updates, such as XP Bosses who will drop similar XP rates to grinders, here's a look at some of the recent server updates in just the 1 month we have been open!

June Exclusive Packs

Want to support the server and get some exclusive items that are only available for June? Get Chat Tags such as #1 and #OG as well as cool items, starting from 3.95 USD here. Be envied by players in months to come!


We recently added a server lobby so that we can reboot servers smoothly and possibly add new things... 😮

OneBlock Minecraft Lobby
OneBlock Minecraft Lobby

Hall of Fame

Do you have what it takes to make into the hall of fame? Check it out at /warp hof

Hall of Fame in Minecraft
Hall of Fame in Minecraft


Here's the recent changes we've made to the server over the past month. We post a changelog more regularly in Discord!

  • Added Minecraft 1.16.1 Support
  • Added Keep Inventory in Island World only
  • New Events team consisting of BeanPi & meatgrinding
  • Added Chat Filter for spamming & excessive swears
  • Server upgraded to new hardware.
  • Crates buffed (huge thanks to NewButters)
  • Difficulty increased to hard ;)
  • Fixed tab ranks
  • Added Decorations Shop - /shop
  • Added a wooden starter kit for new players, so they don't punch blocks so much!
  • Disable the Shift+Punch to invite with /toggleshift
  • Server render distance increased from 4 to 7
  • Entity Activation Changes & Hostile Mob Spawns now stack.
  • Get 40 minutes of island flight by voting each day
  • Diamond Members get permanent Island Fly
  • Added Guilds & King of the Hill currently in testing

Want to join us on OneBlock MC? Add the server IP address and hop online.  You can join play with any Minecraft version, but 1.15.2 is currently the best. See you online!

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