May QOL Update

OneBlock MC
May QOL Update

Greetings OneBlock Community -  Today we're excited to bring to you some very helpful changes across the board to help improve the quality of our gameplay.

What's changed?

Below are some of the smaller changes brought in this update

  • Players that are Diamond rank+ (including seasonal ranks) now have access to /bottle <ammount> to create a physical voucher for xp
  • All generators have been added to the list of items that need confirmation to drop
  • Forest, Space, Atlantis, Hardcore, & Cookie will now have a /sell all command that allows you to sell all viable items in your inventory with one command. Available to players with Emerald rank or higher
  • All generators that are dropped on the ground will no longer be cleared by the entity clear
  • Tridents will no longer be cleared by the entity clear
  • The ability to do /vc claim all has been added to Classic & Adventure
  • Players will no longer be kicked for being AFK
  • All realms except for Classic, Forest, & Survival have reduced to 1 reboot per day
  • Players can now use /wb as an alias for /craft
  • Phantoms on Survival have been limited to a maximum of 5 per chunk before they no longer spawn
  • Players on classic can now use /ob phases
  • Fixed it so that when Ghasts spawn at the OneBlock they will no longer break surrounding blocks
  • Upped the amount of mobs that can be in a stack of mobs to 5000
  • Changed and improved the way Kill Aura custom enchant works:
    • Now kills mobs in all nearby stacks of mobs
    • Increased the max level from 3 to 5
    • Increased maximum chance to proc to 10% at level 5
    • Lowered the amount of mobs killed per proc to 20% at level 5
Gen drop confirmation
Exp Bottle 


There are now leaderboards at all spawns that show the top earners (most money made) for the last month on all realms. These leaderboards will update every 30 minutes.

Top Monthly Earners

There is also now a leaderboard at the PVP arenas on every realm that shows the top 10 players with the most kills for that realm.

Top Kills Leaderboard
Top Kills Leaderboard

We have also added a leaderboard showing who has won the most unscramble events:

Chat Reaction Leaderboard

We hope you enjoy this update, and give us any feedback you have on our Discord server!

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