Hardcore Revival Update

OneBlock MC
Hardcore Revival Update

Hey OneBlock community - We are excited to announce this week's update, Hardcore Revival!

In this update, we are introducing a system to the Hardcore realm that allows players to revive themselves or others. We have also seen to lots of community suggestions too.

The Revival System

OneBlock's Hardcore realm is not shy of living up to its name; when you die, you are temporarily banned! In this update, the death ban timer has been lowered from 8 hours to 1 hour and we are introducing a system that will allow you to revive yourself or friends!

Revival Scrolls

Revival scrolls are a new virtual currency exclusive to Hardcore which can be won from Shiny crates! To check how many revival scrolls you currently own, run the command "/revivalscrolls".

Lives Count

Revival scrolls are a one-time use per scroll and will activate as soon as you die, removing your death ban. If you would like to give a revival scroll to another player, you can do so by running "/revivalscrolls transfer <username> <amount>".

Paying another player lives

Purchasing Revives

Have no revival scrolls? Don't worry - You can now purchase a revive as well! Revive scrolls cost $500,000 and can be bought by running the command "/revivalscrolls purchase <amount>". A confirmation message will pop up asking you to run the command again to purchase it.

Buying lives

Other Changes

  • Game mode difficulty has been changed to Hard mode
  • Death ban messages are now visable in chat to all players
  • Fire spread and natural mob spawning has been enabled on all islands
Deathban Timer

We hope you enjoy this update, and give us any feedback you have on our Discord server!

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