Guilds & King of the Hill

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Guilds & King of the Hill

Another week, another load of new features 😁


Team up with friends on OneBlock MC to conquer the world!

Live now for testing, Guilds allow you for team communication, team vaults, team homes and more. Guild teams also allow you to partner up for King of the Hill.

Bronze Tier (1)

Members: 15

Vaults: 1

Allies: 5

Silver Tier (2)

Cost: $10,000

Members: 30

Vaults: 1

Allies: 10

Gold Tier (3)

Cost: $10,000

Members: 50

Vaults: 2

Allies: 15

Guilds cost $10,000 to create. Guild homes cost $500.

/guild list - See all the guilds
/guild create GuildName - Create a guild ($10k)
/guild invite PlayerName - Invite a player
/guild boot PlayerName - Kick someone from your guild
/guild info - View info about yo guild
/guild chat - Toggle Guild Chat
/guild sethome HomeName - Set a home ($500)
/guild vault - View your Vaults
/guild ally add GuildName - Add a guild as ally
/guild bank deposit $ - Deposit money to the bank, used for levelling up
/guild upgrade - Upgrade your Guild Tier
/guild bank balance - View guild bank balance
/guild bank withdraw $ - Withdraw from the Guild Bank
/guild ally list - View guild ally list
/guild ally remove GuildName - Remove a guild from your ally list

You can view the full list of commands in-game with /guild help.

King of the Hill

Our first PvP update includes King of the Hill.

Capture the center for 10 minutes for a chance at winning KOTH Loot.

During testing, KOTH will run each day at 4pm EST. Once it is polished we will run one at 1pm EST for EU players.

Winnings include a Holy White Scroll, KOTH Axe and more. Type /koth loot Plains to see the available loot.

You can capture the KOTH Solo or as Part of your Guild Team. All members will receive KOTH Loot.

Please note that KOTH is currently in testing so it may not be perfect to begin with! Please report any issues on Discord.

Other Updates

  • AFKers and Auto Clickers will now be moved to spawn after a certain period of time automatically.
  • Combat Log has been added.
  • Blocks from the One Block Generator now spawn on top of the block.

Overall the server has been growing very quickly, which to be honest I did not expect! I am currently just one person working on new content, fixing bugs as well as other large tasks such as preparing to create a wonderful staff team for you all. Please understand that some suggestions may take a couple weeks to be implemented.

If you enjoyed this update and would like to support the continued development of OneBlock MC, check out our Ranks & Credits available at 🧡

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